Travel-Free Purchase Guarantee

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on April 29, 2020

Traveling to physically inspect a fire truck can be one of the most challenging parts of the fire truck purchase process. Brindlee has created a way for your fire department to save those costs and still be comfortable finding the truck that best meets the service needs and financial budget in your community.

The Travel-Free Fire Truck Purchase of a used fire truck from Brindlee Mountain’s inventory means you pick out and go through a series of inspections without leaving your house (or station!). There is no longer a need to decide who goes, requesting time off work, or planning the logistics of travel. 

How does the Travel-Free Fire Truck Purchase work?

  • Visit firetruckmall.com and find one, two or more trucks that might fit your needs

  • Submit an inquiry on one or more of the used fire trucks

  • When a salesperson contacts you ask about the Travel-Free Fire Truck Purchase option

  • You can also see a virtual tour of our campus, (43 acres with over 100 fire trucks, 60 employees, 22 technicians with EVT certifications, and 6 of those are Master EVTs to work on your truck!). 

  • If this truck is in Brindlee’s physical inventory, the salesperson can send you a video tour of the truck you select, then follow up to answer any questions.

  • An official Virtual Fire Truck Inspection will then be scheduled, including as many Fire Department members as you would like, with the salesperson as your host, walking around the truck, and acting as your hands to look at, or operate whichever items on the truck you wish to see. 

  • After the inspection, you will receive the Brindlee Mountain Fire Virtual Inspection Certificate

  • Sign a Sales Agreement with the final items for Brindlee to service prior to shipping, (we can do everything from minor repairs, upgrading systems, and even painting the truck).

  • Once the work is completed, a Virtual Final Inspection will be scheduled so you can see the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

  • And finally, the truck is shipped to your station, without you ever leaving the coverage area!

By removing the physical travel from the inspection process, your truck could be in service weeks before it could otherwise. The goal remains the same; to get you the best used fire truck for your budget as quickly as possible.

Our business started almost 20 years ago because of one bad experience in buying a used fire truck. Our goal now, as it has been since day one, is making sure this never happens to one of our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our Travel-Free Fire Truck Purchase Guarantee, contact us by filling out the "Contact Us" form or by calling 256-776-7786.

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