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Posted by Billy Claunch, on April 16, 2020

I need to buy a used fire truck. How can I find the right truck?

First, you can use the search tools on our website to sort through all the available trucks to find one with the specs you need.

Second, you can sign up for the “Fire Truck Finder”. Then be notified automatically a truck becomes available that meets your specs.

Or, feel free to call our office at 256-776-7786 and talk with one of our Sales Reps, who can help answer questions and talk through the likelihood of finding a truck with the particular specs you need.


I have already bought a truck, (new or used), and I need to find out how much mine is worth. What is the best way to do this?

Of course, you can look on our website for other trucks similar to yours and see what the prices are. This approach has some limitations though; the list price may not be the “sale price”. And, the trucks you see may have been for sale for quite some time, by owners that have a different timeframe than you have in mind.

Selling used fire trucks is not like selling used cars. There is a very limited market, with many different customization options that affect the value.

The best way to find your value is to contact our Purchasing Team HERE. By getting some basic information about your truck, we can give you some guidance for where the best place to price your truck may be, and let you know the value you could expect if you choose to sell right away.


How long has Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus been in business?

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus began in 2001, with the goal of helping Fire Department’s to  have a good experience when they purchase a used fire truck. Read about the history of Brindlee HERE. From selling 4 trucks in 2001 to now selling trucks to every State in the USA and to Countries all over the world, Brindlee works each day to achieve what we started out to do, not waste your time, and make the truck purchase process something easy and enjoyable for you.


Does Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus have the ability to paint and repair trucks?

Brindlee Mountain Fire employs around 60 people in North Alabama, all dedicated to working to get you the fire truck you need. Our operations team has 6 Master Level EVTs, 3 Master Level ARFF EVTs, 53 acres and 35,000 square feet of shop space under roof, 2 paint booths to handle any size vehicle, and 100s of years of combined experience in the used fire truck business to help you on your truck search.


Does Brindlee Mountain offer a warranty on used fire trucks?

An important part of who we are from day one has been our unrivaled warranty program and process. Our warranty coordinator works with your department to facilitate the repair of any items that fail which are covered under warranty.

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