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    Held on Deposit

    2019 Dodge Ram Type 6 Brush Truck / Chief's Car

    Pump, 150 Gallon Tank, Foam System, Demo Unit

    Firetruck Golf Cart

    Gas Motor

    2017 Ford F750 Command Unit

    Ford Diesel, Low Miles, Generator

    2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4x4 Command Unit

    4x4, Whelen LED Light Package
    Held on Deposit

    2015 Ford Command Unit

    Low Miles

    2015 Ford Command Unit

    Low Miles

    2014 Helie International Walk-In Rescue

    International Diesel, Low Miles

    2013 Chevrolet 3500HD 4x4 Utility Truck

    Gas Engine, 4x4, Low Miles

    2013 Ford Police Interceptor Command Unit

    Ford Gas Engine, AWD, LED Lighting

    2012 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 Medic Vehicle

    Back-Up Camera, LED Lighting
    Held on Deposit

    2011 Taylor Made Ford 4x4 Rescue Ambulance

    Diesel Engine, Low Miles, 4x4, Generator

    2010 Chevy Tahoe Command Unit

    Gas Engine, Automatic Transmission

    2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4x4 Command Unit

    LED Lighting, Low Miles
    Held on Deposit

    2008 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 Command Unit

    New Motor, 4x4
    Held on Deposit

    2008 Boise Mobile International Commercial Crew Carrier

    International Diesel, Seating for 10

    2007 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle

    LED Lighting
    Held on Deposit

    2003 Chevrolet Express 3500 Fire Police Van

    6.0L Engine, LED Lighting
    Held on Deposit

    1996 Tiffin Freightliner Command Center

    Cummins Diesel, Converted to Command Center

    1989 Spartan Mobile Command Center

    Seating for 12, Cummins Diesel