3-Reasons to Lease an ARFF

Posted by Glyn Richards, on April 27, 2020

If you run an airport fire department, you know how absolutely critical your fleet of specialized trucks is to your mission. But, when you need an ARFF, where do you go? 


Because ARFFs are so specialized, they’re hard to find. You could buy one, or you could lease one. When does it make sense to lease one? There are 3-reasons to lease an ARFF, rather than buy one:


Reason #1  --  When you need it now.  You are going to wait a long time placing an order for a new ARFF. They are built-to-order, and there are orders ahead of yours. Buying a used ARFF might seem like an alternative, but know that the used market is pretty thin, which means it takes time to locate an ARFF. Leasing an ARFF beats the clock and gets you a truck right away.


Reason #2  --  When you need it for less than a year.  Your need for an ARFF might not be permanent. Avoid sinking money into an asset you only need for a time by leasing instead.


Reason #3  --  When you are not sure how long you’ll need it.  Plans change. Life is uncertain. Flexibility is king. Keep your options open by leasing. Your source will probably allow  you to renew at the end of your lease term. 


Add leasing an ARFF to your solution set. It is another path to the truck you need when you need it.


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