Cooperative Purchasing Agreements to Buy Used Fire Trucks

Posted by Billy Claunch, on November 27, 2023

If your city or country procurement officials prefer to leverage the power of national or state cooperative purchasing agreements, you can even procure or rent used fire trucks through these approaches.  That’s right, used fire apparatus and other used emergency vehicles can be bought via these very same resources.  Cooperative procurement programs can simplify and streamline the acquisition process which translates to efficiencies on multiple fronts - primarily, purchasing costs and ordering timeliness.  


Not limited to just new apparatus procurement, purchasing consortiums such as Sourcewell and NPPGov can be utilized with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (www.firetruckmall.com) to transact used fire trucks just as easily.  In business for over 20 years and focused on the fire service with buying and selling used vehicles, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is the cooperative purchasing agreement contract holder for used fire trucks, used ambulances, used ARFF vehicles, and affiliated services.


While not for everyone, the convenience and strength of cooperative purchasing is worthy of serious consideration even with used vehicle procurement opportunities.  Working in collaboration with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus and their Sourcewell and NPPGov contracts:



fire departments and their local purchasing officials can take advantage of previous negotiations that eliminate the costs and time invested with other conventional sourcing means.  By eliminating the local administrative expenses as well as lengthy traditional procurement processes, there are legitimate reasons to explore the paths available with Sourcewell or NPPGov to buy or rent used fire trucks and other emergency response vehicles.  

For additional information or guidance on how to navigate used apparatus purchasing with cooperative agreements, contact sales@firetruckmall.com with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus today.  The Brindlee Mountain team can partner with you and the respective consortiums to make the acquisition process as smooth as possible even if it is the first time such a means is being utilized. 

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