Can you buy a fire truck online?

Posted by Billy Claunch, on March 20, 2020

2020 has been quite a year so far. Many of us are working remotely, or not working, and everyone is practicing “social distancing”, with people not traveling like we were even 2 weeks ago. So, how does this affect your fire department's ability to get another fire truck in their station? The need for fire trucks doesn’t change just because people aren't out and about. There may be less traffic, so fewer extrication calls, but there may be an increase in fire calls with people cooking at home more. The point is no one knows how our world may change. What doesn't change, however, is your department's need for upgrading their fire apparatus.

So, how do you approach the process of making such a big decision, at a time when travel is discouraged, or in some cases not allowed?

At Brindlee, we are taking steps to work with departments facing these challenges. Here are a few ideas we have implemented so far:

1) Digital Fire Truck Inspections - since much of our inventory is on-site at our facility, we can perform your inspection through a video call, allowing you to see each and every part of the truck, just as you would do if you were here. We can act as your "eyes, ears, and hands" to perform this inspection while you and your department members watch and talk with us from the other end. We can include as many people as you would like on the call. 

  • Do you want to see the top of the truck? No problem, let me climb up it real quick. 

  • Would you like to see it lifted up on the jacks? No problem, we need to schedule it.

  • Would you like to see the pump test performed live, showing the gauges so you can confirm the pump is hitting the numbers? No problem, set an appointment by clicking here!

So, if you have 5 people who want to see the trucks, contact us here to set an appointment for a "Digital Inspection", then jump on the video conference at the appointed time and we will get to work for you!

2) We bring the truck to you - for qualified situations, we are able to actually bring the fire truck to your department for an on-site inspection! We are all thankful for the truckers, who are keeping all the stores supplied with food and basic items right now. They are also able to bring you the fire truck you need.

Needed repairs can be performed at a local shop you would normally use, so it doesn't have to come back to Alabama. Many times, the cost to transport a truck to your station is cheaper than the cost to send 4-5 people to Alabama. We are offering a refund on all transport costs during the COVID situation, so if you buy the truck you will save the cost of an inspection and of transport!

3) Brindlee is still open! - we are still available to host anyone who wants to make a trip to our campus. Like all businesses and cities, fire departments, etc., we have precautions in place right now to provide as safe an environment as possible during your trip. All employees have routine handwashing; our facilities are being cleaned, and each fire truck's areas that are touched, (seating, pump panel, etc.) are being cleaned and disinfected upon the truck's arrival to our facility, and prior to your arrival for inspection. We also have available gloves and hand-washing stations for your use. Our employees are utilizing the standard “If you or one of your immediate family members are sick, you are not allowed at work” policies that many cities and communities have enacted; our customers have been using the same policy to make decisions on when to travel, but we are here and ready when you are ready.

4) If you are still shopping, organize your search - sign up for our Fire Truck Finder to be immediately notified when a truck that meets your specifications comes on the market. Use our WEBSITE at http://www.firetruckmall.com to search the universe of over 1,200 fire trucks available for sale right now. And contact us using our web form HERE, call us at 256-776-7786, or email us at sales@firetruckmall.com and we are happy to help.

Our communities still need their Fire Departments. They still expect them to respond with the proper equipment, and COVID isn't the only emergency that exists. We are here to support you in providing the best equipment so that you can do your job in your community. We are working the same hours, (although many of us remote), and can answer questions and help with your fire truck purchase, just like always.

Contact us HERE with any questions, or call us at 256-776-7786.

We are glad to help!

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