We Fight Fires

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on March 4, 2020

"We Fight Fires" is a phrase spoken around the Brindlee Mountain campus.

It is our joy and honor to help fight fires by working with fire departments from all over the US, Canada and other parts of the world, helping them source and maintain fire apparatus within their budget.

What many may not know is we actually fight fires. 

From the very beginning of our company in 2001, actively responding to fire and other emergency calls has been a part of our culture.  As a support to the local volunteer fire department, Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, our employees respond to emergency calls during working hours.  At all times we keep two emergency apparatus prepared and ready to run these calls.  The apparatus are a command vehicle which responds to non-fire emergency and an 1997 E-One pumper tanker, “Engine 4” which is ready to roll for any type of emergency.

Last year our employees responded to over 300 emergency calls from our campus during our office hours.

We plan to never stop this participation,  supporting our community through the investment in fire fighting.

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