We Invest in the Education of All Our Technicians

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on March 1, 2020

We invest in the education of all our technicians. We do this because we want to be excellent in all aspects of buying, selling, and FIXING used fire apparatus, of all types. We encourage our techs to continue to study and pass EVT and ASE certifications.

Over the last year, we have entered into the ARFF business; you can read more about that here: Jumping Into ARFFs. With this new venture in mind, we challenged our techs to become EVT ARFF Certified. Not only did some take up this challenge, but three of our team have now excelled to the status and recognition of a Master ARFF Technician.

The specific ARFF related classes and exams for this certification are:

  • A-1 Design & Performance of ARFF Vehicles

  • F1 Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing of Fire Apparatus

  • A-2 Chassis & Vehicle Components of ARFF Vehicles

  • F-4 Fire Apparatus Electrical Systems

  • A-3 Water/Foam and Ancillary Extinguishment Systems


Nathan Mazur, Alex West, Jason Welborn

Congratulations to Nathan Mazur, Jason Welborn, and Alex West who are now Master ARFF Technicians. Because of their hard work, we now have one of the most qualified teams to handle any ARFF repair, refurbishment, or rebuild.


Education, Certifications, and Experience help us to be Excellent in every aspect of the ARFF business.

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