Integrity, Service, Excellence, & Gratitude The Four Cornerstones of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

Posted by Billy Claunch, on October 24, 2023

When considering your source for selling or buying used fire apparatus and ambulances, there are a number of sound reasons to utilize Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (BMFA).  Founded by James Wessel (who is still the active President) over 20 years ago, and now transacting more than 500 apparatus each year, BMFA remains true to its core values and fundamental mission to this very day.


Quite simply, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is in business to do three things: 


1) Buy and sell used fire trucks and ambulances, 

2) Help others buy and sell used fire trucks and ambulances, and finally, 

3) Provide routine and other service (i.e. collision repair, refurbishment and remounts) items on fire apparatus and ambulances. 


In their actions, BMFA wants to deliver what it says with excellence and with a spirit of service, all the while demonstrating sincere gratitude and the utmost integrity along the way.


After having a less than satisfactory experience with a personal used fire truck transaction years ago and early in his service with a volunteer fire department, James Wessel resolved to change the industry for the better of the fire service.  In doing so, he succinctly summarizes the business of BMFA in stating, “We want to be excellent in every aspect of buying, selling, and fixing used fire trucks.”  It’s that simple yet critically important for BMFA’s focus with employees, customers, dealer partners, and vehicle OEMs.


Of course mere words are not enough and what really matters is actual behavior and consistent actions.  That’s how BMFA has grown successfully from selling only four trucks in 2001 to over 500 units (and growing) transacted each year.  That doesn’t happen in the fire service if your reputation isn’t supported with on-going solid values and actions.  Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus works each day to achieve what it started out to do, not waste customers’ time, and make the truck sale and purchase process something that is easy and enjoyable.

So, if you are in the market to buy and/or sell used fire trucks and ambulances, look no further than Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus:  www.firetruckmall.com  And if there is any doubt at all, talk with fire departments, apparatus dealers, and OEMs across the USA and Canada that have worked with BMFA.  Their actual experience with BMFA should resonate completely with the four cornerstones of the organization:  integrity, service, excellence, and gratitude. 

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