Fire Apparatus Fleet Assets Stretched? Consider Used Fire Trucks to Purchase or Rent

Posted by Billy Claunch, on October 17, 2023

Let’s face it.  There are any number of headwinds that make it challenging to keep your fire apparatus fleet at complete functionality every single day.  This may be due to an existing delivery time on pending new fire apparatus that have been ordered but not yet through manufacturing completion; parts or component shortages that delay service repairs; major collisions that remove a rig from being in service; etc.


In these scenarios, the realization of needing to now order a new fire apparatus or having a back-up reserve unit may be problematic for lead time, pricing, and other reasons.  Therefore, other options may merit exploration and this includes purchasing or renting used fire apparatus to provide citizens with the protection that they expect.  Why so?


First is simple timeliness.  With time being such a precious (and limited) resource, having a replacement used fire truck within days or weeks may be an advantage that makes complete sense to stay fully operational for the citizens that you serve and the structures that you protect in your jurisdiction.  The pressures to be ready to perform are abundant and not having the fire apparatus you need to do so is not an acceptable solution.  


Next are budget constraints.  The fire department’s capital or operational budget may already be stretched just to facilitate current or existing needs in a given year with personnel, stations, supplies, equipment, and vehicles.  To alleviate the immediate financial burden, renting or purchasing a used fire truck may be significantly less expensive on a relative basis and yet still provide the mobile assets required to protect the local community.


So where or to whom can you turn?  Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (www.firetruckmall.com) is your first stop and best option.  


With its founders having been part of the fire service and successfully in the used apparatus market for over 20 years, Brindle Mountain Fire Apparatus can provide you with the most used fire trucks to review and consider.  Transacting over 500 used fire vehicles annually, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has the best access in North America to a wide range of used apparatus product types (pumpers or engines, tankers or tenders, rescues or squads, ladders or trucks, platforms or towers, and even command vehicles) from which to choose.  This includes multiple apparatus brands from nearly all OEMs.  


Once a given used rig is selected, if it requires added service or upgrades to make it even more suitable for a respective fire department’s needs, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has the facilities, equipment, and skilled technicians to make it all happen.  This includes everything from the paint color and graphics to other specific features with body compartment storage options, lighting, and more.  


Rather than be constrained or “hit a wall” on your current replacement options, reach out to Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (www.firetruckmall.com) today.  Explore the possibilities that very likely will solve your immediate requirements and provide the used fire apparatus resources that you need now.

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