Things You Should Mention While Selling Your Fire Trucks

Posted by Zachary Lightfoot, on January 12, 2023

Including everything you know about your truck is critical when selling it so that both the buyer and seller can develop a sense of trust. You should inform your buyer of the advantages and disadvantages of your trucks. If your vehicle or ambulance has unique specifications, you'll need to find a buyer who shares those preferences.

Here are some things that you should share with the buyer while selling:

  • General Specs:

It’s important to share as many specs as possible with your potential buyer. This information can help make sure your buyer knows what they’re getting. Think to yourself “What information would I want to know before buying a firetruck?”

  • Mileage:

An essential factor in determining a used truck's price is the number of miles on the odometer. It represents the amount of wear and tear the vehicle has endured. As a result, a truck with lower mileage will almost certainly be more expensive than a similar truck with more miles.

  • Seating Capacity:

Seating capacity is another thing that you should mention. You wouldn’t think this would be too important, but it can be a big deal for a buyer. You may need more firefighters at the scene but only have one truck with two seats. In that case, the buyer should understand his requirements and purchase accordingly.

  • Size Of Trucks:

The size of your truck can be a big deal. Certain departments can have very strict height and length requirements depending on the size of their garage. Having this information can be very helpful from the beginning.

  • Tank Size:

The importance of tank size can't be emphasized enough. The fire truck is about tank size because it tells how much water it can carry. So, it's necessary to mention the accurate measure of the tank to your buyer.

  • Flow Rate:

The flow rate is very important to tell your potential buyer. This can make or break the sale so make sure your information is accurate.

  • Servicing:

Lastly, you should provide a complete record of your truck's services to the buyer. You should also provide them with the list of services suggested initially by the manufacturer.

A buyer should know all of these details, so it's the seller's responsibility to mention them. At Brindlee Mountain Fire apparatus, we don't want our buyers to end up with the wrong truck. We always try to be open and honest about the trucks on our lot. If you have questions about selling your truck or you are looking for a buyer, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.