How to Maintain your Fire Apparatus? Four Tips You Should Know

Posted by Zachary Lightfoot, on November 30, 2022

Inspecting fire trucks regularly and consistently to prevent failures and ensure safe service is critical. When fire trucks are out of service, they do nothing good for the community. As a result, fire truck maintenance inspections should be a regular part of daily life at the firehouse to prevent potential repairs and other issues. To give outstanding service to society, proper vehicle maintenance must be scheduled and maintained.

Here are some essential tips to help you maintain your truck:

  1. Wash Your Apparatus:

Although washing your apparatus may appear to be an obvious solution. Still, many fire departments still need to adjust their apparatus washing methods to adapt to the changing use of chemicals in the atmosphere.

 It is critical to wash equipment immediately after being exposed to cooling agents. Exposure to salt does not immediately trigger an oxide layer. Still, once the corrosive chemical process begins, it continues until the chemical compounds are washed away. So, washing can help a lot in maintaining your vehicle.

  1. Remember Frame Rails And Nooks:

Even if you aren't a mechanic, take the time to learn everything you can about your fire truck. Make sure you know all tricks of your apparatus, from front to rear, corner to corner, along with the complexities of a fire truck.

Problems can lurk in places you wouldn't expect. The more you know about your fire truck, the better you can care for it. The fire truck frame rails are recessed, making them nearly impossible to clean while the truck's body is being washed.

  1. Make A List:

Making a list of all the repairs your truck needs is essential so you get everything. Because fire trucks have an important job, they must be kept safe. Check that you have completed all necessary inspections and examinations. The first thing you should do is start your review. You must keep the fire truck in good working order as a firefighter.

  1. Use Corrosion Prevention Products:

To prevent truck rust, corrosion-prevention products are sprayed on fire equipment. These products enter between metal surfaces and into nooks and crannies, providing an additional layer of defense. A sprayer can be used to apply most corrosion-prevention products.  

Spray the waterproof layer on all fire apparatus in winter and apply it again in the spring is preferred.


Because your rescue vehicles are used frequently, they are more at risk of a breakdown or intense wear of a part. Corrective maintenance is one-time maintenance that allows you to refurbish or replace damaged parts. Without servicing, not only trucks but any vehicle cannot survive. That is why you need to find a remarkable servicing center like Brindlee Mountain fire apparatus that you can trust with your trucks. So, visit here to find out more

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