Buying Used Fire Apparatus: 3 Things to Look For In a Dealer

Posted by Zachary Lightfoot, on November 26, 2022

Once you decide to buy a used apparatus, the next thing is to find a dealer to purchase it from. You might already have some in your mind. When buying a used device, you might only think about the quality and price of the fire apparatus. But do you know the other things that can affect your overall purchasing experience?

So, here's a list of three things to look for when choosing a dealer to assist you in finding the best apparatus for the best price and the best overall buying experience.

  • Experience:

An experienced dealer can help you find the perfect truck as they will be familiar with the vehicles and their specs. They speak from experience as they have walked the walk in the fire industry. Suppose you have wondered how these trucks would operate in that case; these experienced salesmen may have done it themselves or, at the very least, understand the jargon and all the industry lingo.

 So, it's better to look for a dealer who can understand your demands and provide you accordingly. An experienced salesperson can also suggest better quality apparatus, just like Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus that has been working for the past 22 years in this industry.

  • Past Customers Reviews:

Ask about the product quality and their overall purchase experience with the dealer. This can help you a lot in making your decision. You can also ask for a non-confidential customer list and call the related departments to ask about their experiences.

It is not necessary to call every person on the list. Just pick 4 to 5 customers randomly and ask them about their experience with the dealer you are thinking of purchasing from.

  • Trustworthiness:

Trust is the most critical component in a selling or buying relationship. Having information about vehicles can help sellers seem more trustworthy. The dealer must have a complete list of specs and servicing list of apparatus.

 Will the dealer show up, keep in contact, and provide you with project documentation as guaranteed? Do they appear to know the solution, or do they only offer you the responses you want to hear? All of this shows whether you can trust the retailer or not.

Is he correct regarding the used apparatus model? Is he asking a fair price? Is your dealer liable for resolving any issues with the apparatus? All of this demonstrates how trustworthy your dealer is. You need to have good analytical skills as well.

The Bottom Line:

So, keep these ideas in mind while looking for a dealer. There's more to purchasing a vehicle than just finding the best offers. A solid connection with your dealer may help you have the best buying experience possible - before, during, and after the sale. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus takes pride in providing the best purchase experience to its customers. Click here to learn more.

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