Twin Trucks, but Totally Different

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on November 9, 2020

An aging fire truck.

When a fire truck in your fleet is showing its age, you are faced with a big decision: 

Buy used.

Brindlee Mountain has been in the business of selling quality used fire trucks for over 19 years. Our passion is to help fire departments serve  communities by having the fire trucks that meet their needs within their budget.

Consider Refurbishment.

But, an option some fire departments are choosing is a complete refurbishment. Instead of replacing an apparatus they partner with a qualified, experienced fire truck repair facility to update their truck, usually at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. 

Our team at Brindlee Mountain is both qualified with one of the largest collections of EVT Certified and Master Certified Technicians in any one location and these technicians have experience refurbishing used fire trucks.

Two Almost Identical Trucks.

In the past few months we had two “almost identical” trucks enter our inventory at firetruckmall.com. Both are Pierce 75’ Quints. 

This unique inventory gave our operations team a chance to take one of the two through a short journey in our refurbishment process.  

Stock #11816 2009 Pierce 75’ Quint, has been left in the condition it arrived on our campus. For the pictures it was cleaned but no other updates were made.

But for Stock #11818 2008 Pierce 75’ Quint, our team gave it a new paint job, updated the seating upholstery and made some other cosmetic improvements.

Take a few moments and look through the pictures to see the updates or take a look at the videos for each truck: #11816 and #11818.

The updates for #11818 are small, but they make a huge difference and turned a tired truck into one that shines.

Brindlee's Refurbishment Process.

A detailed outline of our refurbishment process and qualifications can be found in this post Refurb Is An Option.  In the article our VP of Operations, Nate Smith, gives a glimpse into Brindlee Mountain’s

  • Experience

  • Certified Personnel

  • Facilities

  • Approach to a refurbishment project

  • Parts Availability

What others have experienced.

You can learn more about two of our refurbishment projects in these articles.

A Word From A Chief

We Are Completely Satisfied

Almost New

We are here to serve.

If you are interested in learning more about our refurbishment program or would like help finding an addition to your fleet let us know.

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