Testimonials - Brindlee Mountain Fire



We are completely satisfied

Dear Mr. James Wessel, owner of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus


I have been thinking about something I wanted to share with you.


Over a year ago my department had a need to purchase a new ladder truck or after discovering the cost of a new truck, found ourselves looking for a company to rebuild or refurbish our current ladder truck a 1999 E-One Ladder truck.


Our ladder truck had low mileage, but it had been at the beach for its life so it had some rust issues.


Several companies responded to our request to consider this project, however, only one flew an employee to our area, drove over an hour from the airport, and took a long hard look at the project.


While at our Station and looking over our project the Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus employee took the time to build relationships with all the staff on duty and when he left we all felt this was the company and man we wanted to work with.


Over the time it took to complete the project the communication was outstanding, the cooperation and wants and desires for the project were all addressed and nothing was left on the table.


I am completely satisfied by the level of commitment Brindlee Mountain has toward its customers, its employees, and the community there in Huntsville and where ever they do business.


The focus towards what is truly important, our relationship with God and each other is outstanding in that it is obvious Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has a vision not seen today.


Even today, as we are nine months into our enjoyment of our refurbished ladder truck, when there has been an issue (only 3 of them all very small) it has been handled quickly and without issue.


Thank you all for your commitment to God, each other, and your customers.


Your staff, led by yourself and Nate Smith are outstanding.


I have made friendships I hope to have lifelong!


Well done.


Fire Chief

Denney Conley

Edisto Beach Fire Department