4 Steps to Selling Your Used Fire Truck During a Crisis

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on April 3, 2020

Fire Trucks are continuing to sell during this unexpected season in our country, and Brindlee Mountain is still open and ready to serve, helping you sell your truck. We have implemented some changes to help sell the trucks in our inventory and you can read about that here, Can You Buy A Fire Truck Online?  

But we are also passionate about helping you sell the truck you have listed on our site. Here are four things we have discovered which will help you sell your truck.

  1. Respond quickly to any inquiries regarding your fire truck. We have found a quick response to all inquiries leads to a quicker sale. (If the contact for the sale has changed please let us know.)
  2. Post at least 25 photos. Do we need to add more pictures for you? Our research shows the more we pictures we post for you the better the chances the vehicle will sell. You can find a guide on what pictures to take here, PhotoGuide.
  3. Onsite Inspections. Fire Departments are still inspecting fire apparatus as needed. During this time it is appropriate to communicate, prior to inspection, that actions have been taken to clean and sanitize the truck.
  4. Virtual Inspections. Brindlee Mountain is using this as a viable option and it can be for your department. When you have an inspection, on-site or vitural, let us know and we can help manage the process , Contact Us.

We are honored to serve you and others who serve.

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