See Our Campus

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on December 4, 2020

It is no accident that Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus sits on 42 acres on a picturesque landscape in North Alabama.

This is where it all started. 

The local volunteer fire department had a bad experience purchasing a used fire truck and one of their volunteer firefighters, our Founder and President, James Wessel, was uniquely involved in the process as a member of the apparatus purchasing team. After months seeking and finally getting resolution, Mr. Wessel was determined to find a solution where no other department would have to endure the same.

That's why Brindlee was established.

Today the campus is still located on Brindlee Mountain because this is where it started and the desire to continue to serve the local community. You can take a virtual tour here

Service starts first by manning and running fire and other emergency calls by our trained employees during work hours. Each year the employees of Brindlee Mountain run an average of 300 emergency calls. 

Service continues by helping other local fire departments keep the best fire apparatus, within their budget, serving the needs of their communities. We do this by 

If you are ever in the area you have an open invitation to visit the Brindlee Mountain campus.


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