Stop and Give Thanks

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on November 26, 2020

Today people will gather with family and friends, setting aside dedicated time to give thanks.

We have joined with most businesses by closing our offices and shops so our work family can also do that.

Thanksgiving 2020 may look different than past years, but even in a ‘new - temporary normal’ we have much to give thanks for

On Brindlee Mountain, our new normal has caused us to see clearly and give thanks for

  • A dedicated workforce

  • A reliable and returning customer base

  • Continuing business forcing and allowing us to hire additional staff

  • The health of our team

Our stated company values are Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Gratitude.

We desire to live these out daily.

But on this day, we will intentionally stop and spend a little extra time giving thanks to God for his provision and faithfulness.

You can watch a special Thanksgiving message from our President, James Wessel, here.

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please do so here.

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