Finding Used Fire Trucks for Industrial Applications (Refineries, Mines, and Neighbors)

Posted by Billy Claunch, on August 31, 2023

For a wide variety of industrial applications, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is the best source for used industrial pumpers and tankers; aerial ladders and towers; rescues and HAZMAT rigs; and ambulances as well.  Industrial site clients may include refineries, petrochemical plants, storage terminals at ports, specialty chemical plants, distilleries, pharmaceutical companies, paper and pulp mills, metal smelters, mines, and other manufacturing operations.


With access to approximately 500 total apparatus at any given time, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has a team of purchasing and sales professionals to assist with sourcing quality used apparatus that can perform within unique industrial vocations and meet specific performance needs.  They’ve been doing it for over 20 years!  Even if not in the market to purchase a used fire truck, if an industrial site has used apparatus ready to be retired, Brindlee Mountain is alway interested in exploring possible procurement opportunities with sound used fire and rescue vehicles.


When searching for a used fire apparatus or rescue for an industrial site, once a prospective unit of interest is identified on their extensive website (www.firetruckmall.com), if it needs potential modifications to tailor it more towards a given requirement, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has all the operational capabilities and professional technical expertise to make minor or major changes or upgrades.  This includes everything from repainting to adding body compartment shelves or trays to changing to LED lights.  Plus, Brindlee Mountain can perform a complete servicing of the used rig prior to delivery (to a new owner) which may include changing fluids and filters, new brakes, new tires, replacing hoses and belts, replacing switches, repairing valves and pumps, etc.   


This option or alternative path of a used fire apparatus, rescue, and/or ambulance, allows an industrial company, manufacturer, or mining operation to source affordable quality rigs that still have years of useful service and likely have them delivered in a relatively timely manner.  Plus with the added option of a potential apparatus refurbishment project, the service life of the vehicle as well as the aesthetic or outward appearance can be improved even further.  Many possibilities can be explored and scoped to fit particular needs and within given budget constraints.  


As an added possibility, if the owner (i.e. company) of a given industrial site (manufacturing plant, mine, or otherwise) is interested in finding used fire trucks for a local community nearby, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has an abundance of used vehicles for municipal fire and EMS applications.  This includes practically anything a local community fire department may need including a used brush truck, mini-pumper or quick attack, structural engine or pumper, tanker or tender, and rescue or ambulance.  With their experts, Brindlee Mountain can source whatever may be needed with used apparatus to build a great fleet that would protect citizens and communities that are in the area.  Providing used apparatus makes sense from a practical and socially responsible perspective.  Many of these small towns, villages, or cities are home to employees and suppliers for a given complex or site.

Start the search today at www.firetruckmall.com and even if not able to identify the “exact” used rig of interest, reach out to Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus and have the team work on the optimal solution for you.  The possibilities are abundant!

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