Getting the Most Out of Your Industrial Fire Apparatus Investment

Posted by Billy Claunch, on April 7, 2023

Let’s face it, when new, you likely invested a significant sum in your existing industrial fire apparatus and now you’re thinking about what’s next for it?  Even though you purchased the rig several years ago, and it has served you well, what can you do with it now?


A potential first option may be to have it remanufactured or refurbished to extend the service life for several additional years.  Especially if it has low mileage and low hours on the engine and pump, you have an existing asset that can be leveraged and given new life with relatively minimal overall expense.  If the vehicle’s fire fighting performance serves your current needs and the truck just needs updating, you have a solid foundation from which to build.  This can definitely save you time and money.


In terms of the basics, new exterior paint and graphics are a great place to start.  Perhaps due to harsh environmental conditions, after exposure to a variety of elements, the finish may certainly have aged and this can be remedied to give the rig a fresh appearance.  This may be a new paint color altogether; a two-tone conversion; and lettering as well as striping.


Next, with repeated use, the interior seats and other upholstery may have also seen their better days; however, these can also be updated with the latest from various seating OEMs to improve not only the appearance but even the cab ergonomics and cleanliness for your crew.  In addition, if desired, a new cab interior air purification system can be added plus other cab interior storage changes can be made to accommodate tools and equipment.


On the fire fighting system, if needed, rebuilding a primary water and/or foam concentrate pump can be done.  Similarly, valves, hoses, and gauges can be repaired or replaced to update the overall integrity of the system.  Additionally, if it’s time to repair or update the deck monitor or its associated nozzle and controls, this can certainly be incorporated into a refurbishment project to make certain these core elements perform optimally for you.


In terms of electrical, if any wiring or connections need replacing due to age or exposure, this can be evaluated and likely done.  Certainly, one possibility is to upgrade all lighting (warning, scene, interior compartment, and DOT) to the latest in LED technology.  This will not only enhance the current appearance but will also improve the performance with lower total amp draw.


Based on changes in your industrial plant; your staffing; and/or the truck configuration that is now needed, and if you plan to move ahead with purchasing a new industrial fire apparatus, you want to explore the secondary market for your vehicle.  A quality pre-owned industrial foam pumper could very well have significant value to another company.  That market value and associated funds could potentially help you with getting money to somewhat offset the purchase price of a completely new industrial fire truck.  The key here is to partner with an enterprise that has expertise in the used fire apparatus market and can achieve the best value for your existing unit.


Fortunately, there are sound choices with companies that can help you specifically with both options - refurbishing or reselling your used industrial fire apparatus.  These include Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Alabama (www.firetruckmall.com) and Fire Trucks Unlimited in Nevada (https://www.firetrucksunlimited.com/).  To consult with them further on the specifics of your situation, reach out to them today.  Their years of expertise in these areas will serve you well to make the best decisions for your given situation.

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