Ladder Trucks VS Platform Trucks: Which One to Pick?

Posted by Zachary Lightfoot, on November 12, 2022

Because emergencies do not always occur at ground level, many fire department vehicles are equipped with a ladder. Ladders are a crucial part of firefighting trucks. Sometimes rescue workers might need to go up high to fight with fire. When choosing a fire truck ladder or a straight ladder, you may have many questions and a platform for your following fire apparatus. Which is the safer option? Which is less expensive? And what are the rules that govern which options you have?

Let's look at how to choose between a straight and an aerial ladder when purchasing an aerial fire truck and how your decision can benefit your department.

Ladder Trucks                      

A ladder fire truck is an essential instrument in the fire service for quick reaction, ventilation, extinguishment, and rescue missions.

The prominent ladder device on the top of the vehicle with either a semi or rear-mount application distinguishes an aerial ladder truck in a fleet. Ladder trucks also have a tremendous vertical reach for ventilation or rescue operations.

There are a variety of factors to look for while purchasing like:

  • Need of department

  • Water flow

  • Cost

  • Experts preference

  • Station space etc.

If the department is low on cash, go for used ladders trucks. A wide range is available at Brindlee mountain fire apparatus.

Platform Fire Truck

Platform fire trucks are appreciated for providing an additional point of firefighting in the air. Platforms can be raised for extended periods, allowing for a quick flow of water and fire-neutralizing agents such as firefighting foam.

The safety of a platform is one of its most appealing features. They are less exposed to fire and ground elements. And is a high thermal capacity at the platform's tip, no need to climb a ladder, and a safer working environment overall.

They are a little more expensive than ladder trucks, but most departments buy them for the safety it provides. Platform fire trucks are an excellent choice for fire departments that need high water flow for more extensive business or industrial facilities and improved rescue capabilities.

Which One Is The Right Pick?

That depends on your department. If you have a reasonable budget, buying a platform is recommended. If not, then the ladder can work too. All the decision ultimately comes down to the need and budget of the fire department.  

Where to Get Them?

You can also get a low price for a platform and ladder fire truck. Brindlee mountain fire apparatus has an extensive range of used platforms and ladder fire trucks to serve your department. Even the latest technology platforms are available at lower prices than the market.

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