What does your profile say? 06-30-2021

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on June 30, 2021

We live in a time when we are often tasked to write the text for our own 'profile.' Whether that be on Facebook, LinkedIn, a company website, or a resume we need to distribute.

Being called on to do this can raise a certain amount of anxiety as we struggle with 'what to say.'

But maybe the struggle is due in part to us reading the numerous profiles we are bombarded with through social media, a political commercial, or a salesman/consultant's pitch.

When reading some of these profiles it doesn't take me long to begin to ask "how can this be true?" "Have they really done all this?"  "Is this really who they are?"

When we write our own profile we want to be honest and share who we are without being overly self-promiting.

Writing words for a company website is one thing, but listing out what matters in life and what you want to be known for is another.

If you had to write out what you wanted to be known for but then ask others what you are known for, would they match?

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