The Intersection of Passion and Vocation

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on May 24, 2021

Having the perfect job is often described as the place where your passion and skills intersect.

Some of our team have taken that a step further by finding the intesection of passion, skills and a separate passion of serving their community.  At the intersection of passion and vocation is the call to serve their community as a volunteer firefighter. 

We are honored to house the Dayside Engine 4 of the Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and 25% of our team are avaialble to run calls during our business hours. In an average year, this dedicated group of employee firefighters runs about 200 calls annually.

No matter the tasks you will see  dedicated people who are using their unique gifts to support the mission of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus of helping communities and fire departments put in service the best, used fire truck within their budget.

But for one group, they take supporting the local fire service to a new level.


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