Cooperative Buying Agreement Helps Oklahoma Fire Department

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on May 3, 2021

The requirement of making significant purchases by creating your own bid process can be time-consuming and even frustrating. Let’s explore how you can use a bid process that has already been completed to find the fire truck you need.

One recent FireTruckMall.com customer was able to skip the bid process and accelerate the buying process with the help of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus and NPPGov.com

After defining their needs for an updated fire apparatus, the fire department searched all online resources. They found a truck to meet their needs, but there was a problem. To buy from that dealer would necessitate going through a lengthy bidding process required by their state, Oklahoma.  

The fire department needed a truck right away.

Frustrated at this development, they relaunched the search, this time using NPPGov.com as the starting point. 

NPPGov.com, is a national cooperative procurement organization based in Seattle, Washington, offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. As a member of NPPGov, a department can use NPPGov’s vendor contracts. . These contracts allow fire departments to duplicate on existing contracts of larger municipalities around the country ensuring significant savings. 

A quick look on the NPPGov website and the customer found that Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus was an approved vendor for used fire trucks.

On March 26, 2021, Toppers Rural Volunteer Fire Department called Brindlee Mountain and with the expert help of Senior Sales Representative, Chris Crutchfield, they located an almost identical truck to their first choice. 

On April 17, 2021, the deal was closed and a reliable used fire truck was in the process to be delivered to Toppers Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Wagoner, Oklahoma.

In a follow-up to this transaction, we asked Chris, the Senior Sales Representative,  how much time was saved using NPPGov with an Oklahoma department compared to having to use a bid process. His answer: 

Significant! The average bid process for an Oklahoma department adds 3-4 weeks to the overall purchase process. That does not include the time needed by the said entity to prepare the bid process to advertise it. From the first contact with Brindlee to the completion was three weeks total. Hard to beat!

We went on to ask Chris what was it like to close the deal using NPPGov?

Extremely simple. The buyer was already a member of NPPGov, which is available to any government entity at no charge and under 15 minutes required for joining. The only other thing needed on our end was to add a simple clause to the sales agreement.

Brindlee Mountain is honored to work with NPPGov to help fire departments find the right apparatus for their community.

If your department is required to use a bid process, let us help you simplify the transaction.

Contact us by email at sales@firetruckmall.com or call 256-776-7786.

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