Response Time - March 31, 2021

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on April 2, 2021

This week in 2021,  Response Time falls in the middle of Holy Week. So our focus is going to be on one scripture, Luke 22:42, which are a few words Jesus prayed to His father. 

In this one scripture he models:

  • Praying hard before or during a BIG life event is what Jesus modeled.

  • People might agree to pray with you, but they often don't have the same 'skin in the game' to stick it out.

  • People/friends may not understand all that you are agonizing or praying over.

  • It is okay to ask God for a miraculous resolve, even one that is personal.

  • Be willing to always pray "not my will, but Yours God."

  • Be assured the "God answer" is always better than our human answer.

Thank you for watching and please know you can submit an annonymous prayer request through this link. Response Time Prayer.

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