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Posted by Michael H. Smith, on March 24, 2021

Get Notified About the Fire Truck You Are Looking For...and now there is a TEXT option.

We know the number of emails that you are bombarded with continues to grow. It seems every business is asking for our email address with the promise of the best deal or get the biggest discount.

By default, we can rush to use a mass delete feature and clean out our inbox to discover later we discarded something we needed to see.

That is one of the reasons we have updated the FireTruckFinder® tool with the option of sending you the fire trucks you want to see by text.

The second reason for sending you text notifications is texts are more immediate than email. Being the first to see a new listing could give you the advantage of being first in line to buy the truck.

Yes, now there is an option to add text notifications to or instead of emails you receive for used fire truck matches.

This new notification tool is ready for you to use. 

Here is how to sign up for the text option:

  1. Navigate to FireTruckMall.com and 

  2. Choose from the top menu bar FireTruckFinder® 

  3. Build the criteria for the fire apparatus that will meet your needs.

    1. Apparatus Type

    2. Age and Budget

    3. Location

    4. Other criteria:

      1. Brand

      2. Mileage

      3. Chassis

      4. Pump Size

      5. Tank Size

      6. Warranty

      7. 4x4

    5. Complete the contact information, and before hitting “Sign Up for Fire Truck Finder®” choose how you want to be notified.

      1. SMS Notification (Text) or

      2. Email Notification or

      3. You can choose both.

That’s it.  

FireTruckFinder® was designed with you in mind, so you could get the information about the used fire truck you are interested in sent directly to your phone or email.

We value you as a customer and understand the importance of receiving only the information you requested; that is why we would never sell your contact information.

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