Staying Safe During a Winter Storm

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on February 14, 2021

A Winter Storm is coming.

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is located in northern Alabama and this area is currently under a Winter Storm Warning.

Our first priority, when faced with any weather situation, is the safety of our employees. That is why we have chosen to close our campus tomorrow, Monday, February 15, 2021. Safety is our top priority, so we have chosen not to have anyone drive to our campus, following our local government and emergency response professionals' suggestions.

However, we will be open for business.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to be flexible and adapt to any climate change, whether it is a virus or inclement weather. 

So, all of our office personnel, (sales, finance, purchasing, etc.) have the ability to work from home, so we will be open and ready to serve you.

If you want to inquire about buying, selling or fixing a use-fire truck, reach out to us as we will be responding to all forms of communication.

As we think about the possibility of facing a winter storm we wanted to pass along some valuable information concerning staying safe.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • If you need to drive, put a blanket, snacks and water in the car.
  • Stay away from downed power lines (treat all downed lines as live)
  • Charge your cell phones and battery charger ready to use.
  • Have your emergency kit ready (Batteries, flashlights, enough food for a few days)
  • Have ready food that doesn't need to be cooked.
  • Check barbeque grills, making sure they are ready in case needed.
  • Don't forget the bottled water!
  • When using an alternative heat source, follow operating instructions, use fire safeguards and be sure to properly ventilate.

You can find more detailed information on these pages.

The National Fire Protection Association has published this article on the essentials of Fire Safety During a Winter Storm.

Weather. gov has posted Prepare! Don't Let a Winter Storm Take You by Surprise.

Preventing Ice Storm Damage.

Tips to Staying Safe and Warm During Ice Storm Recovery.

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