Our Volunteer Firefighters

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on December 20, 2020

Every day our customers jump into action when the alarm goes off. Whether that is the radio blaring in the station house or the signal disrupting a non-firefighting job, men and women move into action mode, ready to serve their communities.

From the very beginning of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, it has been our passion to support these fire departments in any way we can. It has also been our passion to serve our local community by allowing and even encouraging our employees to serve in the local volunteer fire department.

When the signal goes off for Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, it reverberates on radios thoughout our buildings.

We currently have 14 employees who volunteer with the BMVFD and in a typical year, our team will run around 200 emergency calls. And, we consider it an honor to serve our community in this way.

Yes, we buy, sell, and fix used fire trucks, but we also passionate about serving our local community


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