We Have to Use a Bid Process

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on October 15, 2020

Our town requires we use a bid process or cooperative buying group for all purchases.

That is a common phrase our sales team has heard recently, and we are pleased to say we have a solution.

Brindlee Mountain now has a partnership with NPPGov.com, a national cooperative procurement organization based in Seattle, Washington, offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. 

The signatures on the contract for the partnership were barely dry when a member of our sales team was able to help a fire department in Texas meet their requirements of 'bid' or 'buying cooperative."

Rockdale Volunteer Fire Department in Texas was in search for an apparatus to update its fleet.  This search brought them to FireTruckMall.com and then to Chris, from our sales team who helped them identify a truck to meet their needs.  During the search and conversation around the needs and apparatus, the departments leadership stated they would need to go through a bid process unless Brindlee Mountain was a buying cooperative member.

Chris was thrilled to point the leadership team from Rockdale to NPPGov and help them get connected. They had never heard of this buying cooperative but have stated it took a minimal amount of time to become a member. Doing so saved multiple weeks on the buying timeline compared to using a bid process. 

Here at Brindlee Mountain, our passion to help fire departments serve their communities with the best apparatus within their budgets.

If your municipality requires that you use a buying cooperative to make major purchases, we can help. If you have never heard of NPPGov.com, we will be glad to get you connected.



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