Home Owners Buying Their Own Fire Trucks

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on July 26, 2021

California is prone to wildfires and it was of no wonder that the google alert for 'used fire trucks' would be focused on private property owners using every means available to protect their property.

The top three Google Alerts for 'used fire trucks' on September 6, 2020 read:

Californians are buying their own fire trucks on Craigslist

Winters family saves property from wildfire with retired fire truck

Cowboys Fighting Fires in California


It should probably come as no surprise that worried residents would start to look into DIY fire protection


Over the last few years, as wildfires have become more common, there has also been a rise in a small but growing number of wealthy residents hiring private firefighting crews to watch over their acres.

Cowboy firefighting – it's Randy Dunn's term – could become even more prevalent in the future. NPR reported that a Sacramento entrepreneur is buying up old Japanese fire engines and selling them to civilians on Craigslist. Because of Japan's narrow streets, its fire engines are smaller than those in the US. NPR reported that used fire engines are particularly interesting for cannabis growers, who are not allowed to buy federal crop insurance, and are adding water tanks to their 4x4s.

Understanably private land and property owners are on the search for ways to protect their investments. 

At firetruckmall.com we also see the searches for the type of fire apparatus that will meet the demands of a private land owner, whether that be: Used Brush Trucks, Quick Attacks or Minis,  Tankers and Tenders that can carry a large quanity of water, other types or a combination of these that will meet their needs.

As with any fire rescue need the team on Brindlee Mountain is ready to assist.

If you are in the search for a unique vehicle to fight fires in your area let us know.




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