When Buy-Back Makes Good Business Sense

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on September 24, 2022

You buy a new car and as a part of the deal you are promised guaranteed tradein money at the end of 7 years.  It's not a lease. You really own the car, but you know exactly what you will get back in 7 years.

This sounds like a fantasy. Well, maybe it is in the automobile industry but in the used fire truck market it can be a reality.

Over the last few years Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has launched a unique program that is helping Fire Departments make informed budget decisions on when and how to replace their fleet.  The program is called Buy-Back.  You can read about the basics of a Buy-Back program here and for more details you can contact our purchasing team directly, purcahsing@firetruckmall.com.

Englewood Florida is a Fire Department that has entered into an agreement with Brindlee Mountain to buy-back a portion of their used-fire truck fleet, all at 7 years from the time they were delivered new to the department.

We recently asked Kevin Easton Fire Chief Englewood Fire a few questions about how they decided to engage in a buy-back program with Brindlee Mountain.


How did you first hear of the concept of using a "buy-back" for your fleet replacement?

I was introduced to this concept by my salesman from South Florida Emergency Vehicles, Clark Green.


What made you decide to research, then select the buy-back program for your fleet?

My organization did not have a clearly defined vehicle replacement program. As a new Fire Chief, I was looking for new and innovative ways to implement a replacement program that would fit within the fiscal confines of the organization.


How has the buy-back changed the way you approach fleet replacement?

We now have an identified and established vehicle replacement program that will turn our fleet of apparatus over on a 7 year cycle.


What was the thing that "put it over the edge" for you to move forward?

We were extremely pleased with the buy-back amounts we were presented. The ability to replace a unit every 7 years was desirable from many aspects.


What would you say to a department who has not investigated getting a buy-back quote for their new fire truck purchases?

Many department have a vehicle replacement program that consists of an apparatus running a certain number of years as a front line unit and then spending several more years as a reserve. Our organization operated on this philosophy, the problem is that once they have reached their “end of life”, the re-sell value is minimal. This system allows us to use the vehicle frontline for 7 years and then replace it while the re-sell value is significant.


What would you say to a department who is on the fence about the decision about whether to use the program?

Call me! Let me share our experience.


What in the process, from your perspective, could have gone smoother, (areas for our improvement), that would have made your job and decision easier throughout the experience?

I was very pleased with the entire process. I can't think of anything that would need to change.


At its core, Brindlee Mountain is here to help fire departments serve their communities. Operating the best fire apparauts within budget boundaries.  If you would like to know how a buy-back program might meet the needs of your community let us know.

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