Response Time

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on August 9, 2020

In the Beginning

From the earliest days of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, we have taken time daily to have a short/10-minute company prayer/devotion time. Our employees are invited, but it is not a requirement. These times have been and continue to be very special as we share God’s Word, Pray for Specific Requests, and Give Thanks for our business

Now, Changes for the Good

Because of COVID, we had to modify these gatherings, moving them online instead of meeting in our front lobby.  

These online gatherings are very special for us, and it got us thinking, “how can we invite people outside our organization to join us?”  That was the thought that birthed the idea of “Response Time.”

Starting Something New

Beginning on Wednesday, September 2, and following weekly on Wednesdays, we are going to launch a Fire Industry-Wide prayer/devotion time modeled on our daily company gatherings. We call it “Response Time.”  Anyone working in, interested in or invited by someone in the fire industry, can participate.

Each week someone will lead this 10-minute session, offering a short devotional thought and closing with prayer.  During this time, there will be a way for participants to submit prayer requests. (Names are not required to submit the request.)

The Name Connects

Why “Response Time” as the name of this new online gathering? First, it is a phrase that has meaning to throughout emergency services. Second, every time we meet God, we are challenged to respond to Him. He even invites our response.

Another 9:11

In Luke 9:11, there is the phrase: “He (Jesus) welcomed them and spoke to them of the Kingdom of God.” We want to do this by inviting anyone who wants to participate from the fire industry: firefighters, EMTs, dealers, partners, competitors, manufacturers, etc. Our goal is to:

  • Demonstrate hope and encouragement through God’s word

  • Offer a safe place to submit prayer requests

This is Us

Our business is buying, selling, and fixing used fire trucks, but our foundation is God and our values are based on His teachings.

We want to be excellent in every aspect of buying, selling, and fixing used fire trucks.

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