Teletech - Telemedicine for Fire Trucks

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on May 31, 2020

Having trouble diagnosing a mechanical problem with your fire truck?

Brindlee Mountain has an EVT certified ‘teletech’ ready to assist.

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus was founded almost 20 years ago with a single focus, to help fire departments. So, for the month of June, we are able to offer to you a no-charge “teletech” program.  Consider it like free telemedicine for your fire apparatus.

Here's how it works.

  • Submit and schedule a request to speak with one of Brindlee Mountains EVT certified technicians. 
  • Be ready to provide to provide as much information as possible.
  • We will get on a call with you, (telephone, Zoom, Facetime, whatever), and help diagnose or answer questions about problems you are having with any of your fire trucks.
  • One of our technicians will be happy to listen to you explain the issues. Then do their best to help come up with a repair solution.

AND...There’s no charge for this service but time slots are limited.   

Follow this link "Teletech" to schedule a time with one of our technicians.

Hear how our VP of Operations, Nate Smith explains the program here

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