This Is Why

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on June 26, 2020

The exchange = 1986 for 2009 from Texas to Maine.

That is 'why' we are in business, helping a local fire department upgrade their apparatus, within a set budget to better serve communities. For the community of Fryeburg, Maine that meant removing a 1986 pumper from service and replacing it with a 2009 Ferrara Pumper from Texas.

The reason for the needed exchange was stated this way by the Chief Dufresne of Fryeburg Fire Department


The older truck, a 1986 International, was taken out of service due to a failed water pump. Repairs would have cost $18,000, said Dufresne. “That led us down the path of buying the used 2009 Ferrara.” 


The connection for the exchange was Fire Truck Mall. A few clicks through the available trucks and firefighters from Maine found a truck that updated their service. From those clicks one of our team made a personal contact which moved the upgrade from search to reality.

You can read the full story from the local news outlet, "The Conway Daily Sun," here: Fryeburg takes delivery of 'new' fire truck. 

We are in business to serve. It is one of our values, but we strive daily to live it out in our actions.


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