9 Tips for Selling Your Fire Truck

Posted by Michael H. Smith, on January 24, 2020

Brindlee Mountain has helped hundreds of departments surplus an apparatus in our years of doing business. In that time, we have discovered trends that help sell a fire trucks and at a fair price. 


Here is a quick checklist that will help you move the truck.


  1. Give details.  When you list a truck to sale, gather and publish as many details as possible. We have discovered a potential buyer becomes an active buyer more quickly when they know as much as they can about the truck.

  2. Make it Shine.  Before taking pictures of the truck, make it shine by giving it a good cleaning.  It really does make a difference to a buyer.

  3. Pose it Well. Location, location, location.  Park the truck in a well-lit area away from buildings to take pictures.  Our experience shows these type of images present the truck better to potential customers than those taken inside the department bay. Also, pictures taken on sunny days display great on web pages.

  4. Show the Truck. Take multiple pictures of the truck, inside, outside, compartments, undercarriage. We have the data to prove that the more pictures you present the better chance you have of a sell. (We have created a Photo Guide giving details on the type of pictures that help sell trucks.)

  5. Talk to me.  Having an easy-to-reach point of contact is a necessity. Publish a phone number, a backup phone number, and email address. Also, it is best to have one person who is managing all communication concerning the truck.

  6. Have the tests.  Be ready to share the appropriate pump and aerial certifications. A buyer wants to know if the truck is operational, and this is the best way to do so.

  7. Dollars and sense.  Set a price that is aggressive and flexible.  A potential buyer will know their budget, so a seller needs to be ready with a great price that makes sense for the age and condition of the apparatus.

  8. Follow-up. When contacted, respond as quickly as possible. Your quick response shows your willingness to make the deal.

  9. Get the word out.  List your truck in places that it will receive the most inquiries. 


At Brindlee Mountain, the central part of our business is helping customers surplus no-longer-needed apparatus. Our website has the most extensive listing of used fire trucks than any other online resource. We love to help customers sell fire trucks.  We would be thrilled to help you.

Visit our website www.firetruckmall.com or call 256-776-7786.


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