Testimonials - Brindlee Mountain Fire



An engine for a rescue.

I just wanted to write to you on behalf of the Speculator Volunteer Fire Department to say thank you. Thank you for being willing to swap an engine for a rescue truck. It was a random thought by one of the guys to try that rather than try to sell our truck outright and then look for a used rescue.

I was excited to see that the truck we traded has already sold for you, but we also knew it was a well-maintained truck. It was amazing that you were willing to take that risk with us sight unseen. Your company was the only company I would have done this with, as what drew me to you was the fact that you are Christian owned and operated; therefore, I was confident that I could trust you guys to do what was right.User-added image

I have really enjoyed getting to know more about your company through our salesperson. We still maintain contact and strive to encourage each other because of our common bond of Jesus Christ.

I pray that you will always hold true to running your business according to Biblical principles and with a desire to please God above all else. That is so refreshing not just in this world we live in but especially in the fire service.

You will be happy to know that the truck that we have from you continues to serve in the ministry as we protect several Christian camps and resorts in our district.  All of this is situated in beautiful Speculator and the surrounding high peaks that are part of the Adirondack Mountain chain.

I did want to write and just express our appreciation to you for your willingness to swap trucks. The rescue has met the needs of what this department required and even exceeded what we were thinking in terms of a rescue truck and its capabilities. Thank you for your faithfulness and your testimony as shown through your company.

Assistant Chief Ryan Marshall