2006 Helie Freightliner Commercial Tanker | Used Truck Details


2006 Helie Freightliner Commercial Tanker
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2006 Helie Freightliner Commercial Tanker
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Truck Type Used Tankers and Tenders
Manufacturer Helie
Year Built 2006
Mileage 437,121
Location Canada
Stock # 18551
Price $160,000

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 18551
  • 2006
  • Helie Fire Body
  • ** Refurbished in 2024 **

  • Columbia Freightliner Chassis
  • 2 - Door Commercial
  • Seating for 2;
  • Mileage: 437,121
  • Detroit DD13 450 HP Diesel Engine
  • Engine Brake
  • Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

  • 3000 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • Crosslays/Speedlays: (2) 4” Pre-Connect STORZ
  • Rear Discharges: 10” rectangular rear chute – Extensions included

Electrical - Lighting

  • Complete set of new WHELEN brand emergency lighting

    Brand-new WHELEN Justice Light Bar 62”

    Brand-new WHELEN 600 series interception lights

    Brand-new WHELEN 900 series stage lights


  • Air Conditioning
  • Ladder brackets

    Suction hose supports

    Bed of Casings

    Multiple exterior compartments with adjustable shelves

    Full Lettering Package Included

    US Customs paperwork Included

    Complete polishing of the unit (Paint in excellent condition)

    Installation of new tires on the entire vehicle


    6 months on the powertrain (Engine, Transmission, Differential), everything bathed in oil

    Lifetime warranty on the new WHELEN emergency lighting group

    All additional guarantees depending on the addition of equipment/pump


    Possibility of installing a PTO pump

    Possibility of installing a portable pump

    Possibility of installing a CET PFP 38 HP pump

    FRC Push-Up 12V LED Lights

    Arrangement of exterior lockers to your liking

    Complete refurbishment

    Delivery to your fire station


Apparatus Information

  • Helie Fire Trucks, a fire truck manufacturer based in Quebec, Canada, has been operating for 30 years and serves clients across America. They prioritize delivering superior quality new and used trucks directly to fire halls. Their commitment to excellence includes collaborating closely with clients throughout the process, fostering teamwork among their staff, and encouraging initiative, responsibility, and skill development. They have established a reliable network of professional suppliers who provide them with compliant parts and services in a timely manner. Helie Fire Trucks values a harmonious, clean, and safe work environment that instills pride in employees and suppliers for their role in serving customers. They hold various certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, NFPA, FAMA, ULC, CWB, X35, and NSVAC. Their objective is to surpass the ISO 9001:2015 standard and expand their quality program, as demonstrated by their ULC-S515 approval and National Safety Mark (NSM) certification. Continuously striving for improvement, they diligently measure and evaluate performance with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and the work environment.