2019 Darley Ford 4x4 Commercial Mini Pumper | Used Truck Details


2019 Darley Ford 4x4 Commercial Mini Pumper
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2019 Darley Ford 4x4 Commercial Mini Pumper
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Truck Type Used Brush Trucks, Quick Attacks & Minis
Manufacturer Darley
Year Built 2019
Location USA - Midwest
Stock # 18215
Price $240,000

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 18215
  • 2019
  • Darley Fire Body
  • F-550 Lariat 4x4 Ford Chassis
  • 4 - Door Commercial
  • PowerStroke 6.7L Diesel Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

  • 300 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • 25 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Water Pump

    135 GPM @ 150 PSI

    160 GPM @ 100 PSI

    Air Compressor

    60 CFM @ 125 PSI

    Simultaneous flow (NFPA 125 PSI)

    100 GPM & 50 CFM

Electrical - Lighting

  • Louvered headache rack with sealed beam lights

     LED lights (6) stop, turn & tail

    LED clearance side marker lights

    Dual tag lights


  • Aluminum flatbed

    Treadplate deck

    5” structural long sills

     Rear tailboard with 18K receiver hitch with 2-1/2” tube

    7-wire trailer socket

    Odin Foam Weapon

    Darley’s Weapon provides a “self-contained” diesel powered “slide-in” type Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS). The CAFS shall be designed to fit into the back of a standard length and width pick-up truck or fire service body.  The CAFS shall be designed to discharge water only, air only, foam solution only or compressed air foam from the same discharge outlet. In addition, the consistency of the compressed air foam (expansion ratio), wet/dry shall be fully adjustable. 


    The power to drive the system shall be provided by a Hatz model 4H50TIC, liquid - cooled,  turbo-charged, Tier IV diesel engine. The heavy-duty rating for this engine is 73 hp @ 2800 rpm. Automotive engines or ratings will not be used. The engine shall have a cylinder head of cast aluminum and crankcase of grey cast iron.

    Pressure Pump 

    The water pump shall be  a  Darley  model 2½” AGE single-stage, centrifugal pump  with a  vertically split aluminum case, bronze replaceable impeller and seal rings, stainless steel impeller shaft and mechanical seal.  It is

    designed to provide up to 250 gpm (946.3 L/min) of plain water flow and pressures up to 250 psi (15.5 b). Helical cut gears shall be utilized in the pump transmission.

    Additional Options

    Electric hose reel with 100’ of 1” hose and 1” Akron pistol grip smooth bore nozzle with 15/16” tip

    AutoValve CAFS controls 

    Odin AutoFill

    Pressure Relief valve

    FoamPro 2001 

    FRC Foam and water gauge

    Odin Foam UHP only

    Compact and self-contained, the Darley UHP produces high energy firefighting power with ease and precision. precise high pressure foam solution delivers rapid knockdown.


    The power to drive the system shall be provided by a Honda GX 

    Pressure Pump 

    The Pressure pump shall be a 7CP Cat pump with a triple gear box. The pump is gravity fed with water from the on-board tank.  The pump produces 10 GPM of solution at 1400 PSI.  The pump is outfitted with primary and secondary pressure reliefs, inlet filters, high temperature relief valve, and a built in purging system.

    Foam Concentrate Proportioner

    The automatic foam proportioner shall be the CAT precision foam control system. It shall be provided and installed to inject foam concentrate into the high pressure discharge hose.  The proportioner shall automatically meter the correct percentage of foam concentrate, based on current flow, into the water stream.  A check valve shall be provided ahead of the foam injection point to prevent foam solution back-flow.  The concentrate pump shall be an around the pump type system.  The system shall be capable of flowing either type A or B fire fighting foams (flush required for both).  The proportioner knob pointer shall allow injection rates to 6% capabilities. 

    Additional Options

    Electric hose reel with 200’ of 1/2” hose

    Dual Strike UHP nozzle


Apparatus Information

  • This fire truck is a very new piece of apparatus, and rare on the used fire truck market today. Feel free to touch base with us to get the full history on this rig, and we will be glad to pass it along, but with minimal time passed since it was produced, this vehicle will have many years remaining to serve at its next fire department!