2024 Helie Freightliner Tandem-Axle Commercial Tanker | Used Truck Details


2024 Helie Freightliner Tandem-Axle Commercial Tanker
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2024 Helie Freightliner Tandem-Axle Commercial Tanker
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Truck Type Used Tankers and Tenders
Manufacturer Helie
Year Built 2024
Location Canada
Stock # 17125
Price $312,036

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 17125
  • 2024
  • Helie Fire Body

  • M2-106 PLUS Freightliner Chassis
  • 2 - Door Commercial
  • Seating for 2;
  • Cummins L-Series 360 HP Diesel Engine
  • Allison 3000 EVS Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

  • 3400 Gallon Tank

    Hale AP500 Flex Series PTO Pump ( 500 GPM )

    CET PFP-38HP – Portable Certified Fire Pump ( 350 GPM )

    Hale Sidekick Pump ( 750 – 1250 GPM )

    More options available!

  • NFPA Longitudinal and Traverse Baffles

    Two (2) 4’’ Rear Inlets with ¼ Valve to Eliminate Pressure – National Pipe Threads

    One (1) 4’’ Pre-Connect (Inlet/Outlet) with ¼ Valve to Eliminate Pressure – National Pipe Threads

    10’’ Rear Discharge with Manual or Automatic Valve

    Newton Stainless-Steel Extensible and Swivel Dump Chute

    One (1) Anode – Protection for Tank

Electrical - Lighting

  • LED Lighting

    NFPA Lighting Package

    Whelen TAM83 Traffic Advisor

    Whelen 62’’ LED Justice Light Bar

    Whelen Super LED Scene Lights – 900 Series

    Whelen Super LED Interception Lights – 600 Series

    Tecniq Perimeter LED Light

    Whelen HHS3206 Module

    Whelen CANCTL6 Lights/Siren Control Box

    Wig-Wag System

    Rear View Back-Up Camera, Color/Sound

    Full LED Lighting Stripes Inside Compartments

    Witness Flashing Light in dash when doors are open.

    Exterior Batteries Jumpers Studs

    Kussmaul Electrical and Air Auto-Eject

    Two (2) FRC Large LED Water Level Displays

    One (1) FRC Medium LED Water Level Display

    One (1) FRC Mini-LED Water Level Display

    Master Switch

    Engine Light



    Air Brake Package

    Lock Differential

    Sliding Compartment for Portable Tank

    Air Ride Suspension

    Dual 25’’ Round Air Horn with Shield and Pedal Activation

    Alcoa Polish Aluminum Wheels

    Full Chrome Hubs & Nuts covers.

    (2) Front Hooks, (2) Rear Hooks

    Rear Pneumatic Electric Automatic Discharge with Cab Switch

    10’’ Square Dump Heiman Swivel Chute

    Custom aluminum console between seats with power bar & USB

    Hard suctions hoses holders for 3 x 4’’

    Prestone heater


    Sliding compartment for portable dump tank

    Ziamatic hydraulic quick-lift system for portable dump tank

    Middle compartments

    Rear compartments

    Ladder rack on top of tank body

    Extended front bumper

    Front Bumper Discharge(s)

    TFT Monitor(s)

    Rear Discharge(s)

    Hose Reel

    Brow lights

    Double tone paint

    Lettering Package

    3M reflective lettering (Fire Department design)

    Full rear NFPA compliant reflective chevron

    Rear bumper with NFPA reflective chevron

    Inside Cab door panels with reflective chevrons


    First aid kit



    Road triangles

    H/D Aluminum Wheel Chocks


    Lifetime Helie’s Aluminum Elliptical Tank Body

    Lifetime Warranty on Whelen’s Lighting Package

    New Freightliner International Medium truck warranty

    (5) Years on some of Lighting package

    (3) Years Pump Warranty

    Other Warranties based on options.


    US Custom Paperwork, Broker and Border fees included

    Truck delivery USA & Canada (Available)


Apparatus Information

  • Helie Fire Trucks, a fire truck manufacturer based in Quebec, Canada, has been operating for 30 years and serves clients across America. They prioritize delivering superior quality new and used trucks directly to fire halls. Their commitment to excellence includes collaborating closely with clients throughout the process, fostering teamwork among their staff, and encouraging initiative, responsibility, and skill development. They have established a reliable network of professional suppliers who provide them with compliant parts and services in a timely manner. Helie Fire Trucks values a harmonious, clean, and safe work environment that instills pride in employees and suppliers for their role in serving customers. They hold various certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, NFPA, FAMA, ULC, CWB, X35, and NSVAC. Their objective is to surpass the ISO 9001:2015 standard and expand their quality program, as demonstrated by their ULC-S515 approval and National Safety Mark (NSM) certification. Continuously striving for improvement, they diligently measure and evaluate performance with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and the work environment.

  • This fire truck is a very new piece of apparatus, and rare on the used fire truck market today. Feel free to touch base with us to get the full history on this rig, and we will be glad to pass it along, but with minimal time passed since it was produced, this vehicle will have many years remaining to serve at its next fire department!