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2013 Peterbilt 6x6 Commercial Command Unit
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General Specs

  • Stock#: 16497
  • 2013
  • 6x6 Peterbilt Chassis
  • 2 - Door Commercial
  • Length: 31’
  • Truck Height: 12’11”
  • Mileage: 7,100
  • Engine Hours: 380
  • Cummins ISL Diesel Engine
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

Electrical - Lighting


  • The cab/chassis is a 2013 Peterbilt 348 and the body was professionally constructed by one of the USA’s premium custom manufacturers. Exceptional build quality combined with ultra-low miles (less than 7,100) will give you the confidence and security that this vehicle will provide many years of sterling service. A massive 25 KW generator, dedicated server/equipment room and functional, well-equipped work area make this an ideal vehicle for any emergency response or command application. 

    The vehicle is in excellent condition and is ready to take on any challenge you want to throw at it. It’s equipped with a rare and highly desirable 6x6 drivetrain ensuring you can respond anywhere, anytime . . . even in the harshest conditions or the most inhospitable terrain. It’s a truly unique, capable and beautiful vehicle. 

    This professional conversion has been completed to the highest standards including 120/240v electrical systems, lighting, air conditioning, heating, massive generator, seating, worktops, cupboards, drawers, insulation, doors, windows, flooring, masts, external storage, etc.

    Ideally suited for law enforcement, fire departments, government agencies, utility companies, disaster relief organizations, charities or any other entity that requires a highly functional, reliable and well-equipped mobile command center. The 6x6 drivetrain with locking differentials allows this vehicle to venture where other mobile command centers would not dare. Whether you are responding to floods, hurricanes, tornados, forest fires or criminal incidents, this unit will get you where you need to be, regardless of weather, terrain or harsh conditions.


    Peterbilt is well known and respected for the high quality, durability, reliability and longevity of their products and this vehicle is no exception. The cab and chassis are rock solid, in excellent condition and with less than 7,100 miles on the clock and 380 hours on the engine this unit has a long life ahead of it. 

    This truck has a host of premium features and options including push-button automatic transmission, 6x6 drivetrain with locking differentials, rear air suspension, engine brake, air conditioning, power-adjustable air-suspended driver’s seat, AM/FM/CD stereo, cruise control, dual fuel tanks, air brake, power and heated mirrors, tilt and telescopic power steering, engine and fuel heaters, FABCO steerable drive axel, heavy-duty DANA tandem rear axels and much, much more. The cab is tastefully styled in various gray finishes to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.


    The truck is powered by a Paccar PX-8 (Cummins ISC 8.3L) diesel delivering 300 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. Cummins engines are world-renowned for their longevity and reliability. Life expectancy for these engines ranges between 350,000 and 500,000 miles, although many are still in service with 750,000 - 1,000,000 miles. With less than 7,100 miles on this unit, it’s barely begun its life so you can be confident it will provide many years of reliable service. 

    An Allison 5-Speed automatic transmission (3500 RDS-P) with push button gear and mode selector makes this vehicle exceedingly easy to drive. The engine is Clean Idle Certified, so it’s ideal for states that have rigid emissions standards. 

    The 6x6 drivetrain with locking differentials is a rare and highly sought-after configuration and can transport you over inhospitable terrain and through hostile conditions that would render lesser trucks useless. The GVWR on this truck is 54,600 lbs and with a curb weight of under 30,000 lbs. you have plenty of capacity for carrying equipment, supplies or towing a trailer.

    Two 70 GAL aluminum diesel fuel tanks ensure you have plenty of fuel to reach any destination. The primary tank is positioned under the driver’s door and the secondary tank is positioned on the passenger side with access through a locking hatch in the body. Both tanks feature fuel heaters for increased performance and reliability in cold weather. The vehicle’s DEF tank is positioned next to the secondary tank.


    For a combination of performance and reliability, the vehicle is equipped with Accuride 29039 PLT 22.5 x 9 steel rims on the front, matched with Goodyear Workhorse 315 / 80R22.5 tires. The rears are Accuride 50291 PLT 22.5 x 8.25 steel rims matched with Dunlop SP 431 / 11R22.5 tires. All tires are in excellent condition with an abundance of tread depth and no damage. 


    As you would expect from a premium unit like this, the power system is extremely capable and robust. High-end components, expert workmanship, attention to detail and a massive generator ensure you will have constant and reliable power for all of your needs. A stand-alone server room complete with two roof-mounted air conditioners ensure a safe, climate-controlled environment for your mission-critical equipment and systems.  

    At the heart of the system is a 25 KW Cummins Stamford generator. These commercial-grade power plants are specifically engineered for high performance, longevity and the capability to run heavy, sustained loads. The generator is housed in its own compartment and can be operated from there or turned on/off remotely from within the main cabin of the truck. 

    When parked in a location with shore power access, the vehicle benefits from a massive 100A connection that negates the need to run the generator. The shore power cable is hardwired into the system and located in one of the external storage compartments.  

    An easily accessible 120/240V breaker panel ensures optimum performance and operation of your electrical system. The panel boasts digital LED displays and is conveniently located in the server room for easy access and operation. The quality of the electrical components and workmanship in this unit is first-class. 

    Conveniently located in the generator room is a bank of three Inteli Power PD9180 1,300W inverters, providing a total of 3,900W of inverter power. Each inverter has an 80 amp capacity for a total of 240 amps. 

    Also housed in the generator room are various fuse blocks. These are all accompanied by schematics and labels to ensure you can easily find and replace the fuse for any circuit or device.  

    Located in the climate-controlled server room are two RT 6000 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. Also known as a battery backup, these UPS systems will provide backup power if your regular power source fails or if the voltage drops to an unacceptable level. Not only does this safeguard mission-critical data and systems, it also allows for the orderly and safe shutdown of equipment in the case of emergencies or power failures.  

    To ensure you have the complete freedom and flexibility to plug computers, equipment or appliances anywhere you desire, there are over forty 120V power outlets distributed throughout the vehicle. 

    In addition to the power outlets, there are also multiple data, communication and USB ports distributed throughout the vehicle. 

    A lockable HP server rack is included for all of your computing and equipment requirements. Cabling for computers, monitors and equipment located in the main cabin area is pre-run back to the server room to ensure ease of installation and operation. 

    Accessible wire/cable runs are strategically located throughout the vehicle to ensure easy installation and configuration of any equipment or systems.


    Having effective lighting is a key requirement of any efficient and comfortable workspace. The main cabin and server room both incorporate ceiling-mounted LED lights. 

    LED strip lights are positioned under each cabinet, providing additional lighting for specific areas or tasks. They can also be used to provide softer, more subdued lighting when the overhead lights are turned off. 

    LED strip lights are also positioned in the server rack to provide additional illumination for computers and equipment. 

    Each external door is equipped with a strip of LED lights running across the top of the internal frame to assist with ingress and egress during dark conditions.  

    The vehicle is equipped with four bright external LED scene lights. These are positioned near the roof line of the vehicle to provide maximum illumination over the largest possible area. There are two lights on the driver’s side and two on the passenger side.


    Premium-quality overhead cabinets (accessible through seven individual doors) provide a large amount of internal storage. These high-end cabinets feature aluminum construction, full-length stainless steel piano hinges and positive lock latches to ensure the doors remain securely closed while the vehicle is moving.

    The aluminum components are anodized for protection, durability and aesthetics. For added protection, the interior and exterior doors feature rugged white acrylic panels. Power and data outlet are located in some of the cabinets.

    In addition to the generous storage offered by the overhead cabinets, extra storage is provided by six spacious aluminum drawers located in two cabinets under the worktop. These premium drawers feature all aluminum construction, heavy-duty drawer slides, full-length aluminum handles and positive lock latches to ensure the drawers remain securely closed while the vehicle is moving. The aluminum is anodized for protection, aesthetics and to match the look and feel of the upper cabinets.  


    To keep personal cool and comfortable on hot summer days and to ensure computers and electronic equipment are kept at optimum operating temperatures, the vehicle is equipped with four Dometic roof-mounted air conditioners. The units are controlled through two programmable thermostats, enabling you to adjust the temperature of all four air conditioners individually. Two units are located in the main cabin and two are located in the server room. 

    Nobody likes being cold and miserable, so the vehicle is equipped with a Webasto diesel coolant heater to keep personnel warm, cozy and comfortable. The DBW 2010 is one of Webasto’s most tried and true coolant heaters. Simple and dependable, DBW 2010 series heaters are designed to perform in the most demanding on-road and off-highway conditions. 


    To facilitate easy and convenient ingress and egress, the unit is equipped with two full-length exterior doors. One door is located on the driver’s side and leads into the main cabin. The other door is located on the passenger side and provides access to the server room. The location of these doors ensures you have full access to the main cabin, even if one side of the vehicle is obstructed. An internal door leads from the server room into the main cabin. 

    Both external doors feature high-quality hardware and locks that are conveniently secured with the same key. For enhanced safety, two premium chrome grab rails with non-slip rubber inserts are located on each door. A large aluminum grab rail is positioned on the exterior and can be extended and secured in place when the vehicle is stationary. When not in use, the rail folds flat against the body. Latches at the bottom of each door can secure the doors in an open position. 

    Each door has its own set of stowable steps which can be deployed when needed and easily retracted and stored away when not in use. The wide and comfortable steps feature an aggressive traction pattern to eliminate slipping and ensure safety while ascending or descending the steps. The perforated design also ensures no water or dirt can accumulate on the steps.


    The functional operator area in the main cabin has been thoughtfully designed and equipped to ensure a high level of comfort and productivity. The vehicle comes equipped with two 23” Dell flat-screen monitors, two wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, six monitor/equipment wall mounts, two desk monitor mounts and a dual monitor mount. 

    A Sony AM/FM/CD head unit with remote control and two ceiling-mounted speakers provides audio for the unit. A Motorola CM 300 radio is also included together with two additional radio mounts. Cabling and wire runs with Ethernet and USB connections are conveniently located throughout the unit. These runs provide easy accessibility and customization for all of your computer and equipment requirements. 

    Additional features include a durable easy-to-clean heavy-duty rubber coin floor, wall-mounted fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and first aid cabinet.  

    To provide a comfortable and efficient working environment, the main cabin features a large ‘U’ shaped worktop. Manufactured from a premium solid surface material, it provides a combination of strength, durability and beautiful aesthetics. 

    Two comfortable high-back, tilt and swivel operator chairs are included with the vehicle. These are secured by bungees to keep them firmly in place when the vehicle is in motion. 

    For additional seating capacity, a foldable bench is conveniently located on the wall opposite the operator’s desk. The bench is constructed from premium anodized aluminum with a large comfortable cushion that can be removed for easy cleaning. When not in use the bench folds flat against the wall.

    To ensure personnel are kept hydrated, caffeinated and well-fed, the vehicle comes equipped with a coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave. Keep your food and beverages cold and fresh in the fridge, heat up meals or hot beverages in the microwave or brew pots of steaming hot coffee to keep you warm on chilly mornings or evenings. 


    To complement the internal storage, the unit also boasts multiple external storage cabinets. These cabinets provide additional storage options for anything you need to transport with you including tools, equipment, spare parts, emergency supplies, etc.

    For added convenience, all external cabinets are locked utilizing the same key. The cabinets also benefit from additional protection and durability from a protective coating similar to truck bedliner. Cabinets boast premium stainless hardware and either gas struts or clip-in hangers to keep doors open while in use. Some external cabinets are supplemented with power outlets.


    To facilitate the installation and support of various equipment and components, the roof has been constructed with a high degree of strength and durability. It is completely walkable, capable of supporting a large amount of weight and is covered with the same protective coating as the exterior storage boxes.

    The vehicle is equipped with two rear-mounted Clark masts. The Clark Masts YT Series of telescopic masts combine large headloads and high extended heights in relation to the retracted length. Ideal for use as mobile communications masts, telecommunications masts and at lower heights offering a competitive alternative to much larger masts.

    These masts can be used for a variety of purposes including elevating antennas or scene lights. Two mounting heads are conveniently stored on the inside of the generator room door.

    A rear-mounted ladder provides convenient access and the four rooftop air-conditioners are easily accessible for servicing. A large, recessed area at the front of the roof where additional equipment or supplies can be stored.  


Apparatus Information

  • This fire truck has been well taken care of, and has very little use during its life. With very few miles, it should serve your fire department for years to come!