2011 Toyne Spartan Gladiator Rescue Pumper | Used Truck Details


2011 Toyne Spartan Gladiator Rescue Pumper
2011 Toyne Spartan Gladiator Rescue Pumper
Truck Type Used Pumpers and Engines
Manufacturer Toyne
Year Built 2011
Mileage 59,691
Location USA - Midwest
Stock # 15119
Price $225,000  

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 15119
  • 2011
  • Toyne Fire Body
  • Gladiator Spartan Chassis
  • Custom
  • Length: 36' 5"
  • Truck Height: 10' 5"
  • Wheelbase: 238"
  • GVWR: 52,500
  • Seating for 6; 5 SCBA seats
  • Mileage: 59,691
  • Engine Hours: 4,892
  • Cummins ISX 500 HP Diesel Engine
  • Engine Brake
  • Allison 4000 EVS Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.
  • Interior Medical Cabinet

Pump - Tank

  • Hale Q-MAX 2000 GPM Side-Mount Pump
  • 1000 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • 40 Gallons Foam Cell
  • Foam Pro Foam System
  • Driver's Side Discharges: (2) 2 1/2"
  • Front Discharges: (1) 2 1/2"
  • Officer's Side Discharge: (2) 2 1/2", (1) 5"
  • Rear Discharges: (1) 2 1/2"
  • Driver's Side Suction: (1) 5"
  • Front Suction: (1) 5"
  • Officer's Side Suction: (1) 5", (1) 2 1/2"
  • Rear Suction: (1) 5"
  • Piped for Deck Gun
  • Date of Last Pump Certification: 09/2020

Electrical - Lighting

  • Electric Reel
  • Harrison 15KW Onboard Generator
  • Telescoping Lights
  • Light Tower
  • Arrowstick Traffic Indicator


  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Tire Chains
  • Ground Ladders: .
  • Federal Q Siren
  • Firecom Headset

Apparatus Information

  • This truck has the pump to move water wherever you need it! The gallons per minute this used fire truck will flow will help get your fire flow capacity needed to help your Fire Department's ISO rating!

  • The light tower on this vehicle will provide excellent scene lighting on your response. Whether lighting a wreck scene, or making sure your fire fighters have the light needed to prepare for work, this truck can provide that.

  • With an on-board foam system, your fire fighting will use the water more efficiently. Adding foam to a fire can help reduce the total water needed to extinguish the fire, and reduce the damage that can be caused to property by excess water usage on a fire scene.

  • A family-owned business headquartered in the heartland of the USA, Toyne takes pride in building fire trucks for departments of all sizes across North America and remains committed to the highest standard of quality in everything we do. What began in 1942 as a small custom fire apparatus business in small-town Breda, Iowa is now one of the most respected and fastest growing fire apparatus manufacturers in the country. Today the company is run by brothers Mike and Bill Schwabe, sons of Roger Schwabe, a long-time Toyne employee who purchased the company from Gib Toyne in 1978. With a tradition of superior craftsmanship and customer service, our company remains committed to excellence and is driven to make Toyne the truck most trusted by firefighters across the nation.