2008 4 Guys GMC Commercial 4x4 Wet Rescue | Used Truck Details


2008 4 Guys GMC Commercial 4x4 Wet Rescue
Truck Type Used Rescue Trucks and Squads
Manufacturer 4 Guys
Year Built 2008
Mileage 31,267
Location USA - Northeast
Stock # 14925
Price $120,000  

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 14925
  • 2008
  • 4 Guys Fire Body
  • 5500 4x4 GMC Chassis
  • 4 - Door Commercial
  • Seating for 5;
  • Mileage: 31,267
  • GMC Diesel Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

  • Hale 250 GPM Pump
  • 205 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • Front Discharges: (1) 2 1/2"
  • Driver's Side Suction: (1) 2 1/2"
  • Date of Last Pump Certification: 2020

Electrical - Lighting

  • Electric Reels
  • Stadco TD20 20KW Diesel Generator
  • Generator Hours: 467
  • Telescoping Lights
  • LED Lighting
  • Night Scan Light Tower
  • Hydraulic Reels


  • Air Conditioning
  • Ground Ladders: (.)
  • Federal Q Siren
  • Hydraulic Pump and (4) Rescue Reels

Apparatus Information

  • With under 50,000 miles, this piece of apparatus has lots of life remaining to respond to emergencies in your department.

  • In 1974 four local men with ties to the dairy industry started a business repairing stainless steel milk tankers. Shortly after 4 Guys was established, the company solicited new investors and shifted to building fire apparatus. At first, the company built elliptical tankers based on their original milk tanker design. Soon, satisfied 4 Guys tanker owners came back, asking for pumpers and rescue trucks. Today, 4 Guys produces nearly twice as many pumpers as tankers. The progression has been gradual, but as customer confidence has increased, 4 Guys has grown to meet the demand.

  • The light tower on this vehicle will provide excellent scene lighting on your response. Whether lighting a wreck scene, or making sure your fire fighters have the light needed to prepare for work, this truck can provide that.