2005 E-One Cyclone II Custom Pumper | Used Truck Details


2005 E-One Cyclone II Custom Pumper
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2005 E-One Cyclone II Custom Pumper
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Truck Type Used Pumpers and Engines
Manufacturer E-One
Year Built 2005
Mileage 111,689
Location USA - Northeast
Stock # 14907
Price Sold and Delivered  
  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 14907
  • 2005
  • E-One Fire Body
  • Repainted in 2015
  • Cyclone II E-One Chassis
  • Custom
  • Length: 32' 5"
  • Truck Height: 9' 9"
  • GVWR: 42,700
  • Seating for 8; 5 SCBA seats
  • Mileage: 111,689
  • Engine Hours: 8,325
  • Cummins 400 HP Diesel Engine
  • Engine Brake
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

  • Hale 2000 GPM Side-Mount Pump
  • 750 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • Driver's Side Discharges: (2) 2
  • Front Discharges: (1) 2"
  • Officer's Side Discharge: (1) 2", (1) 4"
  • Rear Discharges: (3) 2"
  • Driver's Side Suction: (1) 6", (1) 2"
  • Front Suction: (1) 6"
  • Officer's Side Suction: (1) 6"
  • Deck Gun Included
  • Booster Reels: (1) 200'
  • Date of Last Pump Certification: 2020

Electrical - Lighting

  • Electric Reels: 200'
  • Onan 6KW PTO Generator
  • Telescoping Lights (2)
  • LED Lighting
  • Arrowstick Traffic Indicator


  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Tire Chains
  • Hydraulic Ladder Rack
  • Ground Ladders: 24', 14', 10'
  • Federal Q Siren
  • Bullard Eclipse LDX with vehicle mount charger and spare battery
    Stihl Tsa 230 Battery Powered Saw
    (5) Streamlight Vulcan Lights with vehicle mount charger
    Industrial Science 4 Gas Meter with pump and with vehicle mount charger
    Spanner Wrench set - 2
    LDH Spanner Wrench set- 2
    Rubber Mallet - 2
    Hydrant Wrench- 2
    15ft 6inch Soft Sleeve
    100ft 1 3/4inch hand line
    LDH Manifold
    15ft 1 3/4inch short shot
    50ft 3inch line
    Fog Nozzle For Deck Gun
    Pok Foam Nozzle
    Foam Inductor
    Bolt Cutter
    5ft NY Hook
    54inch Pro Bar
    Water Can
    Dry Chem Extinguisher
    CO2 Extinguisher
    Air Bottle Bracket
    3ft NY Hook
    Small Shovel
    Lock Out Kit
    Wildland Bladder Bag- 2
    Chimney Snuffer Line
    Cold Water Rescue Suit- 2
    150ft water rescue rope- 2
    Collapsible Cone- 4
    Porta Power
    LDH Hose Clamp
    Hose Roller
    3 SCBA Bottle Bracket
    1000ft 4inch LDH
    150ft 1 3/4inch attack line
    200ft 1 3/4inch attack line
    300ft 1 3/4 inch attack line
    200ft 2 1/2inch attack line
    Flat Head Axe
    Pike Head Axe
    Closet Hook
    Brush Rake- 2
    Hyra Ram
    Assorted Small Hand Tools
    4inch to 2 ½ Gate Y
    25ft 3inch short shot- 2
    Quarts Lights- 2
    Junction box connected to Cord Reel
    High Pack w/ 150ft 1 3/4inch lightweight hose with gated Y and 2 ½ inch short shot
    Throw Rope
    4inch 25ft Short shot- 3
    Probar and Flat Head Axe
    5 StreamLight Vulcan Light with Chargers
    Industrial Science 4 gas meter w/ pump
    Bullard Eclipse LDX with Vehicle mount charger and spare battery
    PFD- 6
    AM/FM Radio
    Powercall Deluxe dx5 siren
    Float Strainer
    Barrel Strainer
    10ft Hard Tube- 2

Apparatus Information

  • This truck has the pump to move water wherever you need it! The gallons per minute this used fire truck will flow will help get your fire flow capacity needed to help your Fire Department's ISO rating!

  • E-ONE is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and marketer of fire rescue vehicles with more than 28,000 vehicles in operation around the globe. Established in 1974, E-ONE pioneered the use of extruded aluminum in first responder vehicles and continues to lead the industry today with innovative uses of this material along with our stainless steel product line. Headquartered in Ocala, Florida, innovation has been the company's driving force and continues to be the impetus behind its pursuit of new technologies. The result is state-of-the-art fire rescue vehicles recognized for superior firefighting and rescue capabilities.