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2003 Pierce Mack Walk-Around USAR Truck and Collapse Trailer

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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 12600
  • 2003
  • Pierce Fire Body
  • 2002 Mack Chassis 
    2003 Pierce Fire Body
    1991 Wells Cargo 20’ Trailer
  • Mack Chassis
  • Custom
  • Length: 30' 2"
  • Seating for 2;
  • Mileage: 31,500
  • Engine Hours: 3,100
  • Mack EM-7 400 HP Diesel Engine
  • Allison 4560 Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

Electrical - Lighting


  • Chassis Specifications:
    Engine brake
    Vertical chrome exhaust stack
    Chrome front bumper
    Locking differential
    Air Conditioning
    LED headlights
    Whelen LED lighting package
    Whelen 72” Freedom light bar
    Headlight flasher
    Whelen Traffic advisor
    Whelen Pioneer Brow light with flasher
    Whelen Electronic Siren w 100 watt speaker in grille
    Federal Q mechanical Siren
    Grover 24” Model 1510 Emergency Horns
    Customized Mack Bull dog over the grill (flashing LED eyes)
    3M Opticom
    Cab immaculate
    Headliner pristine
    Seats intact and not torn
    Bostrom air ride driver/Officer seats
    Custom switch panels
    Custom Map box with netting
    Custom mobile radio module
    Custom Stereo/Speakers
    Custom tow package with glad hands and trailer air
    Class 8 2.5” receiver hitch with multiple air/12V connections
    Wired for a rear receiver winch
    18,000 lb Front axle
    30,000 lb Rear axle
    45KW 3-Phase Onan PTO generator with driver/officer controls
    FRC/Frog D gauge set for the generator and engine functions
    Heavily customized “Wing panel” area behind the cab with equipment storage, AC/DC plugs
    and LP air outlets
    Kussmaul battery conditioner
    Custom 20” front bumper extension with large chain boxes on either side
    Warn M15000 electric winch in center of front bumper with controller and synthetic rope
    Compartment under officer/driver cab entry step for flares, traffic vests

    Body Specifications:
    Pierce 20’ Aluminum HDR body
    Whelen LED NFPA package
    Whelen 900 series 12V scene lights 2 each side
    Underbody lights
    2-Full body length Zip Dee awnings
    Wil-Burt NS-9000 Light tower with remote
    Custom 8 DOT cylinder 6000 psi cascade system with Space Saver Fill station
    120V charging strips in multiple compartments
    Gortite roll up doors
    2-Custom 400’ Hannay electric reels with 400’ of 6-4 cable with Hubble high voltage pin/
    sleeve connectors(designed to supply an extended USAR operations)
    2-Color coded GFE Custom junction boxes with 10 120v-240v outlets with custom Hubble
    high voltage pin/sleeve connectors (100 amps each box)
    -All 10 outlets have individual on/off switches per box
    2-Custom 400’ Hannay high pressure air reels color coded (designed for extended air
    supply operations at USAR training or events or fire ground operations)
    2-LP Hurst reels with wall mounted valves
    1-Hannay electric reel with 200’ of 10-4 cable and GFE junction box
    Multiple 2-way 1000 lb sliding trays
    Multiple slide-out trays
    Multiple tilt-down trays
    Long slide out rear tray for long timbers and long struts
    High pressure air bag module
    6-Underbody drawers/trays to maximize compartment space
    2-Rear mounted Focus tripod lights
    6-Recessed mounted Focus Scene lights
    4-Roof hatch compartment
    Ladder to access roof compartments

    Trailer Specifications:
    Current inspection and still in service
    Whelen strobe lights
    Side entry door
    Ramp door on rear
    Set of sway bars
    Spare tire
    Electric brakes
    Customized High voltage Pin/Sleeve connector to supply the trailer with power from a distance
    Several 120V and 240V plugs around the exterior of trailer
    Customized steel module for lumber/strut storage
    Interior lighting
    Custom work bench inside front of trailer
    Recent new tires

    Equipment Included:
    6- MSA SCBA with masks and cylinders
    Complete set of High Pressure airbags, hoses and controller
    2-Steel lifting plates
    10 Poly tool bins (full of tools)
    Wrenches (SAE/Metric)
    Cutting tools
    Universal Air kit (extra air fittings)
    Electrical pig tail adapters
    1/2” Drill and drill bits
    Miscellaneous (tape measures, tape, markers, paint)
    Hydraulic Tools
    2-Hurst battery powered combi-tools perfect for collapse/confined space operations (older
    Hurst Rabbit tool with bag and hand pump
    Gold series cutter
    Hurst Combi tool
    T41 Telescopic ram
    1-60” box ram
    2-sections of Hurst hose
    Portable Hurst pump
    240V Hurst Trimo electric pump
    Electric Tools
    2- 7.25” Milwaukee circular saws
    1- 10” Milwaukee circular saw
    1- 10.25” Milwaukee metal cutting saw
    2-Electric chain saws
    Battery Tools
    2-Aircraft Dynamics battery kits
    2-24V Dewalt Sawzalls with blade holders
    1-Paslode nail gun
    1-Emergency jumper box w/ compressor
    1-HD jumper cables w/ winch plug

    Air Tools:
    3/4” drive impact wrench with sockets
    1/2” drive impact wrench with sockets
    Whizzer saw with blades
    1/2” drive drill with bits
    HP regulator
    4 sections of air hose

    Hand tools:
    Bolt cutters
    Hand saws
    Pike poles
    NY roof hooks
    Sledge hammers
    Paratech K-Tool
    Duck Bill lock breaker
    Glasmaster saw

    -24’ Alcoa extension ladder (2019 tested)
    -14’ Alcoa roof ladder (2019 tested)
    -10’ Alcoa attic ladder (2019 tested)

    Rope equipment: (bags listed are fully equipped)
    Several hundred feet of life safety rope (some new)
    1-Hardware bag (carabiners, pulleys, swivels, anchor straps, prusiks)
    1-M/A bag with 300’ rope and new pulleys/hardware
    2-Color coded Rescue Tech multi-function bags (raising/lowering with hardware)
    1-edge pro bag
    4-Yates harnesses in a bag with hardware
    1-Plastic stokes with pre-connected CMC patient tie-in
    1-Custom bridle bag/kit for Stokes

    Propylene Torch set with case, regulators, cylinders, torch handle and some PPE

    ART Struts:
    Assorted length ART struts
    Assorted base plates and tips

    2-Partner 16” Rotary Saws with blades
    1-Cutters Edge Concrete Diamond Chain Saw kit with water pump

    Confined Space Equipment: (SABA’s are not included)
    Air Systems International “Mack 3” air distribution box Set to run 2 complete CSR ops + tool air at the same time. Barely used
    Con Space Communications kit with 1200’ of com line and throat microphones
    Skedco Lightweight Tripod
    800 hundred feet of airline with fittings
    Several hundred feet 8mm rescue retrieval rope
    Con space blower with flex duct
    Saddle vent with manhole cover adaptor
    Collapsable manhole gate
    4-Custom color coded heavy duty boxes for Con Space equipment with castors
    8-Class 3 Industrial Harnesses for Confined Space Rescue (diff sizes / practically new)
    Several Nomex coveralls, hoods and helmets
    Lock-out/Tag-out kit

    7-2” ratchet straps
    2-6’ 1/2” Grade 80 chains with reinforced grab hooks
    2-15’ 1/2” Grade 80 chains with reinforced grab hooks
    2-8 ton Gunnebo Snatch Blocks
    3-20’ Blue Tuflex endless loops
    1-10’ Red Tuflex endless loop
    1-10’ yellow Tuflex endless loop
    1-4” wide 20’ long flat strap
    1-3” wide 12’ long flat strap
    1-2” wide 10’ long flat strap
    1- 4000 lb Lug All come-along
    2-1/2” HD load binders
    2-14 ton WLL shackles
    2-12 ton WLL shackles
    2-Long shaft shackles
    2-6.5 ton WLL shackles
    2-3.0 ton WLL shackles
    3-Twisted shackles
    Picket hold fast kit (8 double head alloy 40” pickets, webbing, picket plate, poly bin)

    3 medical bags with BLS equipment
    2 back boards

    8-50’ HD extension cords with 10-4 cable in 120V and 240V as well as all twist-lock plugs
    4-Mini reels w/ 100 ft 16-3 cable
    4-Tele-light portable folding 500w scene lights
    2-Havis Shields Focus 500w Tripod lights with switches
    4-Portable fluorescent work lights

    76-24” 4X4 cribbing w/ handles
    36-24” 6X6 cribbing w/handles
    4-step chocks w/handles
    24- various wedges
    10-2X6 cribbing w/handles

    Trailer Equipment List:
    Full set of ART pneumatic struts (some older)
    Controllers and air lines for ART struts
    Set of Ellis clamps
    Set of Ellis Screw Jacks
    Set of Ellis Jack Wrenches
    Set of Ellis Trench Shore cups
    10-Fin Form trench panels with 2”X12” strong backs
    Several panel ropes
    Full load of dimensional lumber
    Thrust blocks for T and L trenches
    Crates of scab blocks/wedge packs
    Several sheets of plywood w/hand holds cut in
    10KW wheeled portable generator
    Several electrical pig tail adapters Heavy duty wheeled 4 cycle trash/dewatering pump w/
    Honda engine
    Suction hose for dewatering pump
    Hand truck
    Several HD power cords
    Custom high voltage Pin and Sleeve power supply for trailer
    Several Carpenter belts with tools
    2-Buckets of duplex nails
    Several boxes of nails and fasteners
    Shoring templates
    Several tape measures, framing squares, speed squares and marking equipment
    Shovels, picks, digging bars, pry bars, sledge hammers and axes
    Stokes basket
    Silt fencing
    Plastic boxes for tool storage
    Several portable lights
    Fire extinguishers

Apparatus Information

  • With under 50,000 miles, this piece of apparatus has lots of life remaining to respond to emergencies in your department.

  • At Pierce Manufacturing, we build trucks that live up to your demands. It’s not some nine-to-five-go-home-and-forget-about-it kind of thing. Too much rides on what you do. To our team, there is no room for anything less than the absolute best. What began in 1913, building truck bodies on Model T Ford chassis in an old converted church, has evolved to creating highly customized, carefully designed and engineered pumpers, aerials, tankers and rescue units that have no equal. Behind every Pierce truck is a team of professionals whose mission is to build your truck, exactly how you ordered it. To us, every step of the process is personal; from innovation and expertise, to the customization and service. When the best people you know are the very people you serve, there is only room for exceptional.