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1988 American LaFrance Custom Pumper
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1988 American LaFrance Custom Pumper
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Truck Type Used Pumpers and Engines
Manufacturer American LaFrance
Year Built 1988
Stock # 03284
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  • Truck Details

General Specs

  • Stock#: 03284
  • 1988
  • American LaFrance
  • American LaFrance Chassis
  • Custom
  • Detroit 6V92TA Diesel Engine
  • Allison HT Automatic Transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.

Pump - Tank

Electrical - Lighting


  • Full Air Brake System – NFPA and DOT Compliant
    All 12 Volt Systems are Hard Wired – No Computers
    New Dual "Interstate" 8D Batteries, Kussmaul System, With New Status Panel
    1500 GPM 2-Stage Side-Mount Pump – Complete New Primer System
    500 Gallon Booster Tank – All 304L Stainless Steel – Water Flow Tested 2013

    All Fire Pump Piping, Valves, & Bleeders - Serviced to meet NFPA 1911
    Complete NFPA & ISO - Fire Pump Service Tested & Certified – 2013
    Driver’s & Officer’s Side Mounted 304L Brushed Stainless Steel Pump Panels
    One (1) 6" Front Suction & All 6" I.D. Piping Connection – 1100 GPM Flow at Draft
    One (1) 6" Steamer Connection each side (NST)
    One (1) 2 ½" Intake on Driver’s side
    One (1) 2 ½" Intake on Officer’s side
    Three (3) Pre piped 1.75" cross lays – All 2.00" Valves & Piping – Each 250 FT Capacity
    One (1) 2 ½" Discharge on Driver’s side
    One (1) 4" Storz Discharge on Officer’s side – 1500 GPM Flow Rated
    One (1) 2 ½" Discharge on Officer’s side
    One (2) 2 ½" Discharges on rear, (1) Driver’s & (1) Officer’s side – (for Preconnect)
    One (1) 1 ½" Discharge on rear, Officer’s side, (for 300 FT Capacity Preconnect)
    One (1) 3" Deck Gun Discharge Piped to (1) Akron Bronco Pipe 1250 GPM Deck Gun
    Includes Elkhart SM-1250 Master Stream Tip
    All Body, Compartment, and Side Compartment Doors are Type 304L Stainless Steel
    Two (2) Campbell High Side compartments - Driver’s side
    Two (2) Broom/Fitting compartments - Officer’s side
    Special Upper Rear compartment - Below Booster Tank
    Hose Body Side Sheets are raised to Allow Extra Deep Main Hose Bed
    Three (3) Full Height Stainless Hose Bed Partitions – to Yield Four (4) Hose Beds
    Complete Warning Light Package – Beacons and Strobes
    Federal Q2B Mechanical Siren
    Federal PA-300 Electronic Siren
    2 - Grover Air Horns in Front Bumper
    One (1) 1200 Watt Transformer System with 2 - 500 Watt Telescoping Flood Lights
    Apparatus is Complaint to NFPA Standard 1911
    Current 2013 ISO Pump Test & DOT Inspections are Included
    ALL 304L Stainless Constructed Cab, Pump Enclosure, Body, Doors, & Booster Tank
    All Original ALFCO Factory Sale and Full Service Paperwork is Included
    Engine Hours: 1,844
    Pump Hours: 503
    Mileage: 23,825

    Loose Equipment Included:
    Four (4) Zico SCBA holders – (1) in Cab Officer – (2) in Rear Cab – (1) Rear High Side Comp’t
    Four (4) Zico SCBA Spare Cylinder Holders – Rear High Side Compartment
    One (1) 35 Foot – Three (3) Section Ladder
    One (1) 14 Foot - Roof Ladder
    One (1) 8 Foot - Folding Ladder
    Two (2) Hand Tools Mounted over Driver’s High Side Compartment
    One (1) 10 Foot Wood Handle & One (1) 6 Foot Fiberglass Handle - Pike Poles
    Two (2) 6 Lb. Flat Head Axes – Fiberglass Handles – Crew Cab Door Mounted

    New Front Axle Tires - To Match Rear Axle Tires - (Highway - or - Mud & Snow Tread - Your Choice)

    Lower Red Exterior Cab Color - Strip & Repaint

    Complete New Cab Lettering & Logo's to match your present Apparatus in service
    Complete ALFCO Bell Package installed RH Bumper Ext. - Credit: ($ - 1,000.00) - if not required

Apparatus Information

  • The American LaFrance Fire Engine Company is one of the oldest fire apparatus manufacturers in America. With roots that go back to approximately 1832, the companies that went on to become American LaFrance built hand-drawn, horse-drawn, and steam-powered fire engines. Founded in 1873 by Truckson LaFrance and his partners as the LaFrance Manufacturing Company selling hand powered equipment. The International Fire Engine Company, corporate predecessor of American LaFrance, built some steam power fire engines between 1903-1907. Apparatus built by International included horse drawn steamers, hose wagons, and hook & ladders to chemical engines, water towers and combinations. The American LaFrance Fire Engine Company was formed in 1903. Its corporate offices and manufacturing plant were in Elmira, New York. It also operated aCanadian plant in Toronto, Ontario, where it sold apparatus under the name Lafrance-Foamite, until 1971. ALF delivered its first motorized fire engine in 1907. Over the years, American LaFrance built thousands of fire trucks including chemical engines, combination pumpers, aerial ladder trucks, Aero Chief snorkel trucks, and airport crash trucks. The classical style of the American LaFrance apparatus is easily recognized. Some of the company's innovations led to changes in the industry, most notably the cab forward style cab. The company has recently undergone a major rebirth and is once again producing custom fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.