Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

2007 KME Predator Custom Pumper Tanker
2007 KME Predator Custom Pumper Tanker
KME Predator LFD Cab with 12" Raised Roof
Detroit Series 60 455 HP Diesel Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Hale QMAX 1500 GPM Side-Mount Pump
2000 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
Akron 3096 95 GPM Foam Eductor
30 Gallon A Foam Cell
30 Gallon B Foam Cell
Driver's Side Discharges: 2 – 2.5"
Driver's Side Suction: 1 – 2.5", 1 – 6"
Officer's Side Discharges: 1 – 2.5", 1 – LDH
Officer's Side Suction: 1 – 6"
Front Suction: 1 – 6"
Rear Discharges: 2 – 2.5"
Rear Suction: 2 – 2.5"
10" Electric Newton Dumps on Sides and Rear
3 – Speedlays
Piped for Deck Gun
Onan 10 KW Hydraulic PTO-Driven Generator
Aluminium Hosebed Cover
Federal Q2B Siren
Enclosed Drop Tank, Hard Suction Hose, and Ladder Storage in Rear
Mileage: 10,331

Additional Equipment not included with purchase.

Length: 37' 2"
Height: 10' 4"

Seller's Information About this Truck:
We are interested in selling this rig due to some poor decisions on it's financing by the previous leadership, and the discovery of financial "wrong-doing" by a previous administrative officer over a long period of time. Which is under investigation.
We feel that we need to explore the possibility of selling this rig to relieve us of this financial burden and allow our funds to be focused on purchasing a new ambulance.
the truck has been in an accident where the only damage was the cab corner by the officer's seat. this has been repaired and the cab re-certified for structural integrity. (low speed collision with a raised "gull-wing" door on another piece of apparatus.

Stock#: 03936


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